Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Making Massage Bars - in a New Mould Design !

Here we go - a sneak preview at one of the new moulds we'll be launching in a couple of months time.

We've got a vast range of new styles and colours of flexible silicone moulds coming. I think there are over 30 different styles aimed just at soap making alone - though you could also use these for cakes / jellies etc if you wished.

I had a good play with this one yesterday and made some massage bars. These are really nice and smell gorgeous. Perhaps melt a little too fast though. I'll add a small amount beeswax next time to make them harder. The butters and oil literally melt in your hands or on skin contact.

I'm a huge fan of Lush massage bars - especially Sore Labours. They used to make a mint one with dark and white chocolate called After 8.30. It smelt lovely - but good grief - I was brown from top to tow afterwards !!!! I'll stick with plain ones now - the chocolate made a real mess of the sheets and the bath water afterwards looked like mud !

Anyway - basically, I melted an equal quantity of cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oils on a low heat in a saucepan and then added some honeysuckle and vanilla fragrance oils.

After pouring and allowing them to come to room temperature, I popped them in the fridge overnight to set.

After that, they were put into little cellophane bags and I made boxes to suit. See the previous post to this one about wedding favours if you want to know more about the boxes.

This mould in particular is so very pretty. There are 4 cells in the mould - two cells of each design. This mould will be called Soap / Cake Set no.7 when available and should be on our shelves by July.

Sarah-Jane Nash - - April 2010

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