Thursday, 25 March 2010

Double Raspberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

If you like cupcakes, raspberry and cream cheese frosting - these are killer cupcakes. Possibly give you a heart attack with so many calories - and certainley add a few inches to the waistline.

These were a bit of an invention at the weekend - and it worked really well.. but fairly serious in the calorie stakes !

I'm really not sure I should post the cake mix part of the recipe, as it came from Primrose Bakery Cupcakes book. See the recipe for Raspberry cupcakes. Basically, it's a vanilla cupcake mix with three tablespoons of raspberry jam swirled through before being put into the paper cases. After baking (once cool) you are supposed to make a little hollow and put in a teaspoon more of jam before icing with a white chocolate buttercream. It IS however better than their standard vanilla recipe - though that's not too bad.

I deviated from the recipe somewhat. I used the recipe for the sponge part - but divided it between 15 cases instead of the recommended 12 in a cupcake mould. Before cooking, I put a spoonful of white chocolate cheesecake mixure on top of that. The result of which was a moist, sweet (but not overly so) cupcake with a real rich cheesecake type tang.

I think I went a bit overkill - as on top of that, I slathered a raspberry cream cheese frosting. the frosting was really just a basic cream cheese frosting with plenty added raspberry jam and icing sugar until the consistency came together. It set well - with a soft shiny sheen. There is no food colouring in the icing - it's only the raspberry jam that has given it the colour. Stupidly, I've managed to delete my image of the frosted cupcake - so you'll need to make do with one on the cooling rack pre-frosting !

140g cream cheese
60g caster sugar
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch salt
100g chopped white chocolate

beat above ingredients slowly together until well combined. Stir in chocolate chips / chunks.

I'd recommend trying the cheesecake part on top of your favourite cupcake mix :-) Take care to cook until only just set or it's ruined..

Enough to top 12 cupcakes - bake cupcakes at 160  >170deg C

A little sickly perhaps - unless you are a lover of cream cheese icing !

Sarah-Jane Nash - - March 2010


  1. Wow! These look fab. I am so going to have a go at baking them.
    Tracey x

  2. they certainley disappeared quicker than I made them .... The cheesecake topping was fab and I'll do that again - but I really seriously overdid the frosting... lol

  3. Ok, these look absolutely lovely, and I'm imagining them with the icing. Yum.

    Sarag-Jane, what happens after you bake 15 of these treats?

  4. Oliver (17 months) like to taste test - so will usually have half a one with me.

    If it's been a relatively treat free week - we might keep an extra one.

    The rest go into work for staff and customers or to neighbours / friends. They generally don't last long !

    Cake day at work is normally a Saturday as I go in late and take Oliver with me - we only do a couple of hours on a Saturday. In winter, it's very busy in the showroom (selling stoves) - so I'll often make 36+ muffins or cupcakes.

    It's not so busy this time of year - so Saturday mornings aren't so much of a rush to get ready / cooking / toddler sorted.

    Haven't decided what (if anything) I'm going to attempt for tomorrow morning. Any ideas ?

  5. Hi, Nice that all those tasty treats find happy tasters.


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