Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Homemade Pasta - 1st Attempt

Sarah-Jane, http://www.siliconemoulds.com/ , 9th March 2010

I've been SO meaning to make my own pasta for a very long time. I'm sure it must be around a year or so now that I bought that pasta machine - and it's been sitting in my shed in it's box and never seen the light of day.

Another project today left me with a load of egg yolks - so I decided that a good way to use them up would be to make some pasta. Poet from the Omlet forum had kindly posted a link to a Jamie Oliver Recipe . It says 6 eggs or 12 yolks - so I halved the recipe to use the yolks up that I had.

With just yolks and flour it was too dry to bring together, so I added some water to combine and kneaded until smooth and silky as instructions. With all the free range egg yolks, it was a glorious bright yellow colour :-)

After resting in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, I dug out the pasta machine and started reading the instructions. It really wasn't very hard at all and actually quite quick to do once I'd got the hang of it !

Lightly dusting the dough every time I rolled it prevented any sticking and it came through the machine as smooth as could be.

When the pasta dough had been rolled several times and was to the correct thickness, I used the cutter to make it into tagliatelli.


The ribbons coming out and collapsing gently onto themselves really was a joy to see !

I reckon (as a first time pasta maker) that I rolled this out and cooked it in similar time as it would have taken to take dried pasta out a packet and shove it in a pot. But, had I used dried packet pasta - I wouldn't have had nearly the same experience of making it or the same amount of pleasure in eating.


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  1. your photos are so professional looking! I can't wait to try some home made ravioli :0)


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