Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cakelets and Mini Cakelets

I made these at the beginning of the month for Oliver's Tiny Talk class one Friday. I meant to blog it at the time but somehow never got round to it - so I'm having a bit of a catch up and clear down of photos

Tiny Talk is a franchise run baby classes throughout the UK and Australia. It's for teaching babies and toddlers how to better communicate with their parents and carers through signing and play. I take Oliver to Maria's local group most Friday's in Attleborough / Norfolk. He absolutely LOVES it and Maria is a very enthusiastic teacher.

Oliver can sign a few things already and as he learns new words uses the signs alongside. He's learnt to say "Yes Please" and No Thank You" already this week and is also backing them up with signing.

These certainley didn't hang about - mummies and babies made sure of that :-)

The mini cakelets above are just a standard victoria sponge mix filled with fresh cream and jam. For the chocolatey ones - the recipe is HERE 

What is a Cakelet ? It's a tiny little layer cake. A dainty and delicate little morsel - gone in a few little bites. Light enough and small enough that it can sit beside a cup of tea - balancing on the edge of a saucer and not ruin one's appetite.....

A mini cakelet is just a smaller version of the same - gone in just a couple of mouthfuls. It's similar in volume to a mini muffin / mini cupcake - but more ladylike or dressy for a summer garden party or to serve with afternoon tea and nibbles.

Make it simple - like miniature victoria sponges with just a teaspoon of cream and tiny bit of jam... dressing the top with a delicate covering of icing sugar. Or jazz it up with pretty crystalised flowers or intricate icing. As the baker, the choice is yours :-)
Like all our flexible silcone moulds, this mould can be used for chocolate, soap, cakes, orgonite, hard candy and many other uses. Our range of molds are all food safe and FDA approved.

Safe temperatures are from -40deg C to +230deg C - which is higher than most normal ovens go and way too hot for cakes !
Two of these moulds will fit on a standard baking sheet


  1. Oh I am drooling!! They look great and I wish I had been there.
    Tracey x

  2. Oh - freebie cakes NEVER hang around long !

    We're hoping to organise a charity cake bake and open day later in the year...

  3. Hi Sarah Jane, the cakes look yummy. can you tell me the traditional victoria sponge cakelets (top pic) are they the 8 cakelet mould or 15 mini size?
    also if I wanted to make small butter portions with one of your flower moulds do I melt the butter and pour it in or do I just fill the mould with chilled butter. any help would be appreciated

  4. Hello Hollie

    The top picture is the 15 cakelet. They possibly look deceptively large as they really are just a couple of mouthfuls.

    If you want a slightly larger version - you can use the 8 cakelet... or for a single victoria sponge type cake that requires a fork to eat - use an extra deep muffin mould which has almost straight sides and split the cake in the middle.

    For making butter portions, press room temperature butter into your moulds with a spoon and then chill until really hard. You can freeze butter portions too should you wish to make a pile and store in advance. You definately do not want to melt the butter as this will cause it to separate and it won't look at all nice

    Hope this helps :-)


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