Monday, 29 March 2010

The Little Cake Tester - especially for Eve

This is my little cake tester - Oliver - 17 months. He does like cake.... :-)

Photos taken at a visit to Banham Zoo earlier this month. I'm a season ticket holder - so we go rather frequently

We have some cake testers in the way of work colleagues to - but I'd scare you too much if I introduce you to them right now. When they've finished wiping cake off, and I find a shatter resistant lens - you might be unlucky ! Hahaha - we'll see.....

Sarah-Jane - - March 2010


  1. Oh, how cute! Thank you, I feel very special now. Oliver has to be the happiest little boy ever. He's soooo adorable, and has a job already. :D

    Sneak a couple pictures of your co-workers, crumbs and all. :)

    Have you done cinnamon rolls yet? I would love to see that, from you!
    All the very best, Sarah Jane!

  2. I'll try and get some crumby pics soon....

    Cinnamon rolls ? No - not yet - but have a look at the Monkey Bread which is very cinnamony

  3. You cake tester has cute little ears. I think I'd be happier lookign at him,than your colleagues (i'll take your word for it that they'll shatter the lens)

  4. oh - I'm sure I'll snap Rich and Colin sometime when they are least expecting it :-P


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