Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wedding Favours - A Blog Entry for James

This post is for James.

James has been asking about the size of box (or purchasing suitable boxes) to house rose shaped chocolates to give as wedding favours.

I actually made the box pictured above. This box is 45mm square and 30mm high. It is not a chocolate pictured above, but a little soap - left over from making the soap bouquet earlier this month.

Making little soaps, candles or even chocolates and boxing them are easy to do and ideal for wedding favours. Of course, you can always opt to buy ready made favours boxes - but it's SO easy to custom make your own. I tend to melt the soap in the microwave - but I melt chocolate and wax in a double boiler. (bowl over simmering pot of water)

I bought a Crafters Companion Top Score Board from Ebay for about £10 including delivery. The top score board is for making cards and also for making cardboard boxes any shape and size you like. It may just be a piece of plastic - but it's a very very clever one at that. I've got no interest in making cards - but it's paid itself off long ago as far as boxes are concerned....

There are two sides to the board. One side is for scoring cards (mainly) and making scalloped edges. The other side if for making boxes.

Use it one way up for making the lids. Turn it round and score the card using the other lines to make a matching base. That way, you end up with a bottom and a top to your box that fit perfectly together.

It does come with instructions and is very easy to use....

Once your card is scored, all you need to do is flod it and snip out little sections so you have flaps. The flaps and sides can be glued - but I prefer to use double sided sticky tape.

After that - it's just a case of filling and dressing your boxes. :-)

I like to use Kanban card for the tops which comes in a huge selection of colours and patterns, which again I buy from Ebay.. I've got a massive box of the stuff stashed under the bed. It's always great fun picking card out for a project. I think I enjoy picking the card out more than anything else !

For the bases, I just use a cream or white card. I tend to buy hammer finish card for this as I can then choose to use the plain side or the textured side. This generally isn't seen anyway - so no point in wastin the more expensive fancy stuff.

For our 15 cell moulds - which are all suitable for soap, wax and chocolates ( rose, chrysanthemum, sunflower, flower, bonbon and crystal) cut your card into 105mm squares before scoring and folding. You will get 4 pieces from a piece of A4 cardstock with plenty left over to make little gift tags too.

I'm just about to buy some of this cardstock - link to Ebay seller. Isn't it GORGEOUS ?
(I've pinched the sellers picture - but given I'm plugging them, I don't tihnk they'll mind ...)


  1. for a gift for a birthday or christmas if u can make the boxes hold 4 or 6 candles/chocs or soaps i thought o a great idea if u could try 2 put a clear window on the top of the box uve prob done it b4 if not give it a go im sure ur folowers will enjoy the wonderful step by steps you do

  2. That's very easy - it's just a case of making a bigger box ! For the lid part, it's cutting out the centre part and putting acetate behind.

    Boxes for favours however are so small though that a clear window really isn't viable.

    Good ideas though - thank you. I'll maybe do a gift cake / bisuit box sometime with subdivisions and windows :-)

  3. sarah-jane i sent u an idea for the 15 rose mould i sent it via ebay i hope u got it and try it out just got the mini loaf moulds this morn im on pins 2 try them out lol i cant wait till i start the christmas gift baskets buts thats not till nov what a bummer lol ill just have 2 come up with a few more ideas 2 do for halloween i have one for ghouls muffins if i can get a few pics when i do them ill send them 2 you with how they were made or i could let you know how i do them n u could do the receipe and the pic and put them on here let me know sara


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