Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Burgled !

Oh yeah - how could I forget... I got burgled on Saturday night / Sunday morning......

I may now be living in Norfolk, but I have a several acres of land back "home" in Scotland with a lovely wooden building on it. The building was constructed for stables for my ponies - and they were specially made to order and have never been used,

They were exactly the same as the ones pictured and made for me by Monarch Equestrian . They took so long to commission, that by the time they arrived, I'd met my now husband and got engaged ! My poor ponies have never got to go in those stables as I ended up moving them and me down here.

I've been in Norfolk 8 years come next month. I've since built a barn down here (specially to size)  to put THOSE stolen stables in and was just about ready to trasnport them down from Scotland. Now, some bunch of thieving scumbags have broken in (cut right through the middle of the locked roller shutter doors to the building) and have stolen my stables !!!!!!! I'm heart-broken.

I'm still waiting to hear if the insurance is going to cover it. I'm insured for building and stables only - including theft with no contents ( there aren't any !) It's dubious at the moment though they THINK my stables are covered. They've never had stables stolen before...


  1. omg im so sorry 2 hear that i hope u can get the money back some how

  2. I am so shocked to read this - Stables of all things.
    Still its so wrong. I know the money is no substitute for the loss, but I do hope it is covered. I am truly aghast!


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