Monday, 22 March 2010

Soap Bouquets ...

Since I had a go at the cupcake bouquet, I just HAD to have a go at making a soap bouquet using this pretty little silicone mould for making little rose heads. We have a good selection of different flower types including chrysanthemum, flower, sunflower, and rose in this small size. A bouquet of soaps would look stunning made with any of these - or even a mixture of these. Likewise, the same result could be made with chocolate roses or flowers !

I've used the exact same principles as before - only this time the ball I used was 4" and polystyrene from a craft shop. I cut a little off with a serated bread knife to give a flat base and stuck it on top of a little tinplate watering can with some double sided sticky tape. The soap base was opaque melt and pour SLS free

The watering cans ARE usable and came from Asda. They have them in pink and green at a bargain price of 2 for £5.00

Each soap is held in by one toothpick. At this point, I hadn't wrapped them - but after photographing I removed each one, wrapped in cling film (saran wrap) and them put back in place.

20 little soaps were required to cover the ball. In between are some fake rose buds and gypsophila snipped from a fake flower posy.

For all florists supplies, there is a great flower supplies wholesaler in Banham, Norfolk with loads and loads of stuff - from wrap to ribbon, fake flowers, baskets by the billion all sorts of vases, stones and anything else associated with that sort of trade. They are not on line unfortunately. For anyone wanting ot visit, they're open 7 days and right next to the entrance of Banham Zoo.....

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  1. Wow, the soap bouquets are so pretty, I bet they smell great as well. Nice how you arranged them.


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