Sunday, 4 April 2010

Garlic Tear and Share Bread

Blogger has been a real pain today and I've struggled for ages to get my photos to load - almost to the point of giving up !

Anyway, I decided to make a Garlic tear and share type bread on Friday and it turned out really well. The prinicples are the same as any other bread.

I made a basic bread mix according to the bread flour bag instructions. Strong Bread Flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar. Kneaded, covered and set aside in a warm place to rise to double in size.

After first rise, pinch off pieces of dough approx 1/2" to 1" dia in size. I dunked these into 50grams of melted butter mixed with 50mls of olive oil with 3 cloves of finely minced / crushed garlic. Then, all the balls went into a 10" round silicone bakeware mould.

I sprinkled some chopped chives over the top along with some thin shavings of butter.

This then went to sit in a warm place for a second rise. At this time of year, our kitchen isn't warm enough unless the oven is on. It's therefore ideal to make bread at the same time as a good old roast... I take the grill out of the top oven and put my bread dough in there to prove in a bowl on top of a rack. The heat from the oven below gets it going nicely.

Just before baking, I decided to crumble a little cheddar cheese over the top. The butter had nicely melted over the top. I baked at 180deg in a fan oven for a little over 15 mins. On taking out, brush some melted butter over the top.

This was easily enough to do 6 > 8 people. We only used 1/2 between 3 of us alongside some casserole. Next time, I think I'd make in 2 x 2lb loaf tins - so I could par-bake one and freeze for another day.

Truly yummy treat though ! You'll need to take my word on it - I had so many photos that I thought I'd delete all the ones I didn't need. I forgot though that I hadn't reduced and saved any BAKED photos though and mistakenly deleted all of those from my camera card - so I can't show you how good it looked baked....

It was moist, buttery and very garlicky. Mmmmmmm

Sarah-Jane - - April 2010

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