Thursday, 29 April 2010


Inese has sent me some beautiful photos which basically show a step by step guide to making hand made chocolates using our silicone moulds. Our moulds are all suitable for the oven and freezer with a temperature range of + 230deg to - 40 deg CELCIUS. That's rather hot and seriously cold !!!!

These moulds are perfect for making little flower hand made chocolates, guest soaps or little candles. They make the ideal wedding favour, birthday, Christmas or thank you gift.

You can also use them for butter for pretty summer tea parties - or to make classy ice cubes. Use them for tiny little cakes too :-)

Each one of these 4 moulds - rose, sunflower, chrysanthemum and flower have 15 cells. They're very flexible and easy to unmould. 

I'll put Inese's photo guide to chocolates on the website for anyone who wishes to look.

To be in with a chance of winning, please post on my blog what you would make with the moulds. The tastiest or most inspiring idea will win. I'll keep it open for a week.....

Good Luck !

Sarah-Jane Nash - - flexible silicone bakeware. April 2010


  1. Hmmm, what would I make? Well, those sure are pretty flowers in the mold. Loving the shape of them. Since I'm into making jewelry, I'm thinking along the line of clay brooches and rings. Doesn't sound tasty does it, I know. So for that reason, and that I'm in the UK, I'll pass on the giveaway, but just wanted to chime in anyway. All the best. :D

  2. I would use them to make a selection of mini cheesecakes, either without bases (I have a friend who is gluten intolerant so have served 'bottomless' cheesecake) or after cooking/setting place on mini biscuits - mini choc digestives or homemade flower-shape shortbreads of an appropriate size. Cooked or uncooked cheesecake could be used, I have served frozen(uncooked) cheesecake on occasion too, these lovely silicone flower moulds would lend themselves to any of these options. I would use different flavours (and therefore different colours) for the different flower shapes and serve them as 'canape' type desserts for a summer BBQ party,easily made in advance and attractive to serve on my Jamie Oliver 13" white platter.

  3. we're in the UK too :-) Doesn't matter where you are.

    Lovely ideas.

    Anyone else ?

  4. Been thinking... I would try making fudge in the moulds - it is often difficult to get out of the tray and then cut up nicely, something which never sems a problem with silicone. These little flower moulds would make lovely individual fudges, especially for presents - Mothering Sunday or Easter in particular - pity they have both just gone!

  5. hi, first let me thank you for following me. and secondly this fantastic offer you've announced i'd like to enter it. as you might have come across RASAGULLA my last post, an extension of this dessert is SANDESH, i have already mentioned it in Rasagulla recipe. to make it i need moulds, and your moulds perfectly is my choice. sandesh is made purely from milk cheese and sugar, with variations of adding safron, cardamom, pistachio, strawberries. thanks for your time. rgds

  6. I'd just make chocolates! I'm addicted to making them with different flavoured fondant centre's and i need to be able to tell them apart!

  7. Hello All

    Jill - I'm afraid you are a little late as this closed on Friday.... I'm just behind (again) with updating my blog.

    Well then - Elaine and Abraham - both sound super. How about you split it and have two each... Message me please. I'll look forward to seeing your creations at a later date :-)

    S-J x


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