Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Baby Chicks - Just In Time For Easter

This little lot arrived on Friday last week. 30 little cheeping day old chicks.... Actually - 12 were for a friend and those left on Sunday, so 18 little chirpy cheeps left here.

Oliver now "bok boks" like a chicken and "cheep cheeps" like the chicks. He's fanatical about the chickens in our garden and also about tractors. I think he's going to grow up a real little country bumpkin.

I did make Easter dinner and take it with us to my in-laws yesterday - but it was a bit manic packing and taking a 1/2 cooked roast etc. I cooked pudding there. The pudding was to die for and I really do wish I'd had the camera with me to take photos.

Very easy, self saucing sticky toffee pudding. Definately one I'd do again !

You can find the recipe for Nigella Lawson's Sticky Toffee Pudding here. Yum yum yum....

Saturday was an Easter Egg Hunt followed by painting at Sara's with the babies.

Oliver WAS collecting chocolate - but also has a dog's ball in his bucket !

You can see the mess that followed here - Little Painters ..... BUT

It gets WORSE Little Painters Pt 2 .....

Sunday was a little cleaner. Daddy was out playing with landrovers - so Oliver helped with the chickens and real eggs down the field.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter xx


  1. Aww at the little chicks.

    Aww for the little ones.

    Yum for the self saucing toffee pudding (though not pictured, I can seriouslyimagine it).

    All in all a lovely Easter weekend with the family. I hope this weekend is good for you too.

  2. Very lovely. It looked like lots of fun with the children.


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