Sunday, 30 May 2010

Cockrell / Chicken Sugar Cookies

It's been a while since my first attempt at sugar cookies. I thought I'd make some more as they are easy trasnportable and keep quite well. The recipe is exactly the same as I used last time - although I decided that this attempt I'd use rolled fondant instead of flooding with liquid icing. I baked them on silicone baking tray liners.

Unfortunately, my new paint brush is totally useless and the bristles stick out in all directions and made rather scratchy looking marks. I managed some basic decoration painting food colouring on to the icing - but it wasn't fit for fine detail

Sugar cookies transport well as little boxed gifts in the post. I actually made a whole batch of these and they're going to the retired gentleman up the road when I collect Henny Penny from him. Henny Penny took very poorly a couple of weeks ago and I'm very thankful he's managed to nurse her back to health.

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  1. Hi Sarah-Jane,
    You made me laugh when you wrote that your paint brush bristles stick out in all different directions. :D I have a bunch just like it over here.

    The chicken cookie looks really cute though. I'm sure they tasted good too.


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