Monday, 22 February 2010

Sugar Cookies - Blossom Sugar Art

I recently bought a few cookie cutters - an aeroplane, helicopter, space shuttle and a teapot. I've got a toddler that I can use as a good excuse to make cookies. Maybe getting creative with sugar cookies is one way to becoming a Yummy Mummy !

One of Oliver's little friends (Max) was one year old last week.

Happy Birthday Max !

It was Max's birthday tea on Friday, so I thought I'd try out making sugar cookies for the first time. I'm notoriously useless with icing - unless you can slather it on with a spatula. PLEASE don't give me a piping bag unless you want to see a major disaster..

Anyway, I found this super website

They've got a very useful 7 part tutorial email all about making and icing sugar cookies. It's very step by step, along with photos - incredibly useful.

I decided I'd have a go, and made my sugar cookies this morning. Baked them on silicone baking tray liners in my fan oven as per the instructions.  Expecting a sticky disaster, I attempted icing them this evening.

Well - I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I did have to add a little more water to the icing mix than instructed - but other than that.... it really was pretty easy. I managed with a paper icing bag to make a "1" on the space shuttles and helicopters. Much more than that would certainley have been a disaster - as my paper piping bag was disintigrating !

With the extra cookie dough, I cut out and iced a few teapots. I'm intending to box those up in a handmade box and send them in the post as a little present. I'd love to do some fancy icing bits on top - but I did have a go and made a right cod's ear of that. Still - it tasted nice !

Sarah-Jane, - February 2010

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