Sunday, 28 February 2010

For the best Sausages - Try Pickerings of Norfolk

Pickerings of Norfolk have a shop in Norwich and a stand in the centre of the city at Norwich Market.

They have a huge range of sausages available, made from local meat. Their website is pretty good - but appears to be rather out of date - I don't think it's been updated for a good couple of years.

They also do various meat dishes made to be oven ready.

I was up in Norwich yesterday, and popped in to buy some sausages. If you buy 2lb, the 3rd lb is free. They'll happily mix and match sausage types. We really like their wild duck sausages which are quite strong flavoured and gamey. Unfortunately, those were sold out by the time I go there yesterday - but I did buy some Mexican Chilli Sausages, Barnsley Black Pudding Sausages (pork and black pudding), Pork, Cracked Black Pepper, Chilli and Garlic, and finally some Red Onion and Cheddar Sausages.

Obviously - for two people that's a LOT of sausages - but many will go into the freezer. I'm intending making a casserole with the deep red and spicy mexican sausages - which are thin chipolata style. I've made a stack of homemade sausage rolls today. Steve can have one for his late lunch when he comes back from working on the car - it'll only take 10mins (if that) from raw in the halogen cooker. Most of the sasuage rolls can go in the freezer too.

Honestly - if you've never made sausage rolls before - DO have a go. It's so easy and far far nicer than shop bought. The picture above are those made today - BEFORE cooking !

I had a Barnsley Black Sausage in a sandwich for breakfast - with a fresh egg laid by Tikka this morning :-)

You can't beat really fresh eggs as any Omleteer will tell you !

There is also a general butcher directly oppositve Pickerings in the market. I got a nice bit of belly pork which I intend to roast. Locally reared meat from them too - and a good selection of game at very reasonable prices at this time of year.

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