Thursday, 4 February 2010

Chocolate Cake Bombes With Toffee and Pecans

Doesn't this look TOTALLY scrumptious ?
It's chocolate cake made in our 6 semi sphere silicone bakeware mould. The cake was then drizzled with toffee sauce and there are pecans halves set together with caramel. I'll put the chocolate cake recipe and photos on tomorrow under the recipe section. However, I was a little disappointed as it was a bit dry.
Does anyone have a really good, really moist chocolate cake recipe.... PLEASE ???? If there is a good one out there and you let me have it on here - I'll happily send a couple of silicone bakeware / soap moulds free of charge :-)

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  1. Yes I do, here it is (sorry if you see mistakes, I'm not very sure of my english).
    This recipe is really delicious, I make this cake with half-salted butter :

    100 g soft butter
    75 g peanut butter
    150 g sugar
    200 g dark chocolate
    3 eggs
    50 g flour

    Turn on your oven (160 °C - 320 °F)
    Break your chocolate and put it in a bowl with 3 tablespoon water. Put in your microwave oven for 3 mn.
    Beat your sugar and the butter until it becomes white and add the peanut butter, beat again.
    Put one egg, beat until the egg is totally incorporated, add 1/3 of the flour, beat, then the other egg, then flour again, then the last egg and the end of the flour.
    Add quickly the melted chocolate (without the water).
    Put in your moulds and bake 15 / 20 mn, no more !


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