Friday, 26 February 2010

Raspberry Cheesecakes - no bake

Ok - so ..... the TRUTH.

These turned out a total disaster !

 I've made no bake cheesecake a dozen times before - using various recipes and have never ever had a flop until now.

I really fancied making a batch of mini cheesecakes earlier this week and decided I'd use the left over mix to make some single portion sized heart shaped cheesecakes. They always release so nicely from the silicone moulds.

The recipe I was using is one I've used without problems before - from the Carnation website. However, I didn't have enough cream cheese to do the recipe - so decided to do a bit of re-jigging. It didn't go to plan ....

The mix was far too runny. I'd put in less cream cheese and a bit less condensed milk - but I'd added a stack of raspberries instead of the lemon juice and didn't really know what the volume was.

At this point, I could easily have rescued it had my brain been in the right gear by adding some gelatine. However - I think it was in reverse :-S

Instead, I added some double cream to the mix and whipped it up a bit. It seemed the same - maybe even more loose. Still - a few hours in the fridge might sort it. Nope - 24 hours and almost as runny as it went in :-(

The only solution was to freeze it to get it out of the siliconevmoulds nicely. It looks lovely - but is my biggest disaster to date. We did TRY to eat it - but it didn't work part / totally frozen and really was only fit for the bin.

For this reason - there is no recipe on this post. Stick to the original - that one works. Hahaha !

Good Food magazine have a nice looking no bake chocolate cheesecake recipe this month and there are stacks on the Good Food website and UKTV food. My favourite no-bake cheesecake recipe is a chocolate and Dulche-De-Leche one. I'll need to dig the recipe out for that next time and make sure I've got the ingredients in advance. Duh....

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