Monday, 8 February 2010

Chocolate Cupcakes - Vegan V Martha Stewart

Katie of Katiecakes has posted a couple of really interesting chocolate cup cake recipes over the last week or two.

I've had no luck until now with chocolate cup cakes - they seem to end up dry and sawdust like....

In the quest for edible chocolate cupcakes, I decided to try both of Katie's recipes on the same day. I'm pleased to report that both were a real success.

A friend and I had a cupcake tasting session over a coffee and the rest went into work on Saturday morning for staff and customers to enjoy.

The vegan recipe produced 9 cakes which were cooked in paper muffin liners and 12 hole silicone muffin trays, the Martha Stewart recipe produced 18 - cooked in the same way. I did substitute the soya milk in the vegan cupcakes for semi-skimmed... so mine weren't actually vegan !

The vegan cupcake was a lighter colour compared to the Martha Stewart one bowl chocolate cake.

Both cupcakes had lovely, smooth and glossy tops. Both were moist and very tasty. It was actually hard to choose the winning favourite between the two.

However, the Martha Stewart one did come out tops - with a much deeper colour and a little more depth in flavour and therefore the winner.

Saying that - if I didn't have any eggs and wanted to make cupcakes, I'd have NO hesitation in baking up a batch of the vegan recipe. The vegan recipe can be found on Katiecakes and the Martha Stewart one via this link.

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