Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sectional Soap Colour Wheel

Cor - it's been a while since I blogged - but everything has mounted up on me all at one time and I'm really trying to do too much. I'm sittin here yawning my head off and can barely keep my eyes open. It was nearly 4am before I finally went to bed this morning and then was up with a colicky Oliver two or three times before 7.30am.

Apologies therefore for keeping it short. I'm still trying to photograph and catalogue all the new moulds just in and need to get up to speed as soon as possible as we'll have so so much more coming in another few weeks. This ISN'T normal - it just so happens I went a bit bonkers on new stock. More so than I've ever done before !

Anyway - one of our new moulds is a sectional 10 portion mould as you can see below. I think it was Emma who convinced me that this would be a really good idea - specifically for bath fizzles / bombs and also for soap. She wasn't wrong either....

All our siliconebakeware moulds are suitable for use with soap, chocolate, ice or plaster of paris amongst many other things. Whilst this mould is mainly aimed at cake portions, I've been dying to try it out with soap and the results have been a huge success. We've got customers using our moulds with bitumen tar and concrete too. Also for moulding Orgonite.

Each cell takes 200grams of melt and pour soap base. Add a few drops of colour and some fragrance and that's just about all it takes. Sure - you could get really fancy.... but a simple colour wheel is VERY effective and would make a lovely display piece if you are selling at craft fairs. The one above is going to make a very nice present for a dear friend of mine. Every piece has a different fragrance and makes a good sized bath soap.

The best bit is that they are SO easy to release from silicone molds. Simply push and it'll come out. No swearing and sweating, huffing or puffing here ! Of course, you don't HAVE to make all 10 - if you want nice wedge shaped soaps with rounded edges - this is ideal. You can make just one soap at a time if you like !

Sarah-Jane Nash, keen baker and soap maker - May 2010


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