Monday, 17 May 2010

Oliver Goes Whoopie !

I've been hearing about Whoopie Pies for some time now - yet not tried one or made any. This month's (June - in May) Sainsbury's magazine has some stunning photos of whoopie pies and a good variation of ideas for flavours and toppings. I'd link to it - but they don't seem to have a website for readers or post their recipes online.

The magazine is really cheap and it is worth buyin for the Whoopie article alone. However - I must say that I wasn't bowled over by the marshmallow filling, nor was there quite enough. Next time I attempt whoopie pies, I'd make my own mallow filling from scratch. The cake batter part of the recipe however was not bad at all.

Basically, you make the mix and pipe it into rounds on to baking parchment on a tray. I used silicone baking tray liners instead. I can't remember last time I used greaseproof paper or baking parchment - the silicone baking tray liners are just so versatile !

Our baking tray liners / sheets have two sides. One matt finish and one shiny sleek finish. I like to use the matt side for chips / fish fingers etc and the shiny / sleek side for cakes and biscuits

Here are the little cake domes, just out the oven, for the Whoopie Pies.

Basically, they are two little cake domes, sandwiched with a mallow filling and topped with icing. I decorated ours with some chocolate icing and some edible gold glitter.

Oliver was rather pleased with them and needless to say, the chocolatey bit went first !

Sarah-Jane, - May 2010


  1. If am right, oliver is adorable enjoying whoopie :)

  2. These whoopie pies are too cute, throw a cherry on top and that would make my day, can't say I'd make them though 'cause I don't like marshmellows. Oliver looks so happy eating it, he's such a cutie pie.

  3. the marshmallow filling as per the recipe wasn't to my liking at all - but the rest was great.

    If I make again (probably will as ideal size for the toddlers on a play day) - I'll sub in some cream cheese icing or work on another type of filling.

    Oliver shared the rest of the whoopie pies with his friends on Sunday. I just wish I'd taken photos... x


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