Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sweet Eggy Bread - Sunday Breakfast Treat

Oh - I had a craving for something sweet for Sunday breakfast. I really fancied pancakes - it''s literally been years since I had them. Bleary eyed, I was not awake enough to be bothered with the hassle of weighing out flour etc .... so eggy bread it was.

Eggs bread is one of those things that I loved as a child. My grandmother would make it for my brother and I. As quick as she could cook it we children were queing up for more !

It's wonderful with brown sauce or tomato sauce - but also drizzled with golden syrup for a sweet and almost  thick crepe pancake like taste and texture.

Allow one egg and some milk per slice of bread. Beat egg and milk together.

Pour your eggy mix into a container with a flat bottom. I normally use my 10" round silicone cake tin mould as I can get two slices in to soak in the eggy mix at a time. Put the bread in and let it sit for a little while. Then, turn over and do the other side.

Remaining eggy mix will do following slices - so excess is never an issue.

Fry with a little sunflower oil in a hot pan on both sides until browned.

Serve as you like - with golden syrup, tomato ketchup or brown sauce

Sarah-Jane Nash - May 2010 -


  1. ohhh i love this one, my mum used to make this very often on Sunday's for travel, one additional thing she adds in is cardamon powder :)

  2. I love eggy bread as well, with syrup, mmmm. But strange enough I don't like pancake batter with too many eggs. The taste is weird to me. Go figure. These look great though!

  3. I'm having eggy bread right now :P yummy!! <3


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