Sunday, 9 May 2010

Visit to the Sea Life Sanctuary & A Stroll Along the Coast

I'll apologise in advance for those who don't like baby photos - but these are for family checking in ;-)

We went to Hunstanton to the Sea Life Sanctuary today with Oliver and my in-laws for a day out.

Oliver was a complete whirl-wind and SO excited. He had a marvellous time looking at all the fish - followed by taking Daddy for a walk along the beach. Despite trying - I didn't get many photos worth keeping. In most, there are arms, legs or heads missing ..... or no Oliver at all ! He's just too fast to get many photos of these days :-)

It was Oliver's first visit to the seaside and I'm looking forward to taking him back when the weather is somewhat better. He was rather amused at getting his shoes wet and "chased" by waves.


  1. Olá, Hey;
    Muito bonito! Very beautiful!
    Maria Paula


  2. Welcome Paula. Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy my blog :-)


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