Saturday, 22 May 2010

Bonkers - Totally BONKERS !

I've been making soap in one of the new silicone moulds tonight - and couldn't help but snigger when taking this photograph. Yup - you've guessed it - we've got a mould in stock that now allows you to make replicas of dentures !

Can you just imagine having guests visit and finding these by the sink when they are looking for the soap ?!?

This flexible silicone mold will work just as well with chocolate or ice. Apart from the fact that I can't work with white chocolate to save myself - (it always ends up with a bloom and very crumbly) - I'd love to try this in white chocolate.... leaving the teeth just white chocolate and using a little food colouring in the rest for the gums.

Perhaps it's time to become an inmate at the madhouse.

For those of you waiting on all the new photos and sizes etc of the new moulds we're bringing out - I'm so sorry for the delay. I'm adding them all as quick as I can. There have been a few unexpected surprises - but nothing nasty !


  1. lol...i can't imagine this shape soap in my bathroom :)

  2. I love these and you're right they'd be fab in chocolate. Might have to get one of these and give it go!

  3. Bonkers! But so funny, so me to have something like that on my bathroom sink. They really look like real dentures! Too cool.

  4. I've been thinking about these for the past few days ... sad i know LOL! But my idea is white chocolate for the teeth and then colour the chocolate pink and add a dash of strawberry flavouring!

  5. These are definately wacky and quickly becoming VERY popular. I'm looking forward to seeing what people make with this mould !

  6. I think I may have to make some for the dentists WC..imagine the shock for patients...


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