Sunday, 30 May 2010

Garlic Mushrooms - Halogen Convection Oven

ok - so I've gone blogging mad today. Actually - this is about 3 days worth in one.... I simply haven't had time to catch up before now

I've had various people e mail me this week saying I don't post enough about what I cook in my halogen oven. Truth is, I use my halogen oven pretty much every day for something or other. But it's the normal, mundane sort of thing that I don't think twice about doing.

However, there are lots of halogen cooker users out there searching for cooking times and recipe ideas. There are few publications or websites with this sort of stuff online and I'm told our website is coming up quite highly on search engines for the few things I've blogged about.

Therefore - I need to apologise to those who want to see photos of sweet things or baking. I'll put HALOGEN OVEN in the titles so you can choose to ignore !


Remove the stalks from the mushrooms and rub the outsides with olive oil.
Add some chopped herbs and a piece of butter to the middle of each one. I used parsley, garlic, thyme and oregano.

Preheat the oven to 250deg C for a couple of minutes with the bottom rack in. Place your mushrooms on the baking tray onto the rack and place the steamer plate / heat diffuser on top upside down oven the mushrooms
Cook for approx 10 mins until browned and juicy.


  1. garlic with mushrooms and olive oil- easy little heaven

  2. I know - barely seems like worth posting. So easy....

    Things aren't always straight forward with halogen ovens though and methods can be different from normal ovens :-S

    Takes a bit of experimenting and getting used to !

  3. Certainly worth posting. Its lovely and flavoursome.

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