Wednesday 7 July 2010

Stuffed Peppers - Halogen Oven Recipe (GUEST RECIPE - HELEN)

This is some photos taken by Helen along with ingredients list for stuffed peppers - cooked in her Sarah-Jane's Halogen Oven / Cooker

large green and red bell peppers
boiled easy-cook rice (2 cups)
chopped up crispy bacon pieces
chopped green spring onion
finely chooped fresh green/red chillies
frozen peas
choped tomatoes
oil/tomato puree or I used 1/2 jar of Doritos Hot Salsa - to bind & flavour.

Remove stalks and stuff peppers. Top with grated cheese

 Helen used one of our 6 cup extra deep muffin moulds to sit the peppers in and stop them falling over during stuffing.

These were cooked in the halogen oven at 160deg C for approx 35 mins. To keep them upright. Helen propped them up with the toast rack. Genius !

Increasing the temperature to 180deg C next time should get them done a bit quicker :-)

On removing from the halogen cooker, they looked like this :

Thanks for the photo and recipe idea Helen. I'm sure those who check in for recipes to use in their Halogen Cooker will appreciate it. Would work nicely in a normal oven too.


  1. Very nice recipe, I love stuffed peppers, usually keep my sliced off top on mine. Either way, they look and taste delightful.

  2. This is wonderful and a lovely click


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