Wednesday 7 July 2010

Racing Car Cake - The new mould designs have arrived !

Well - you may not hear so much from me for the next wee while - apart from product updates (for anyone who is interested.) Our latest massive consignment of silicone bakeware and soap moulds has arrived. There are oodles of new styles to choose from..... and mountains of work for me to do !

We have really easy things like Jigsaw Cake Moulds. These are basically moulds that you put cupcake / muffin mix into and then the cakes that come out make a picture of a butterfly, rabbit, racing car, heart or turtle. Ideal for kids (young or old) and seriously easy to bake and ice.

First of all - grease and flour new moulds for best results. I've also written a quick do's and don'ts guide below.

Fill cells of mould with cake mix.

This is a big mould and unlikely to fit on top of your baknig tray. Either turn the tray over and slide the mould on at an angle, or remove oven rack before heating the oven and slide the filled mould onto the rack.

As you can see - it's quite a big mould overall.

Comes out 15 mins later like this. Remove the cakes and carefully trim level the top of each one. Then, turn them over and place face down.  Turning it over gives you the perfect flat side to work with. You will need to build the car in reverse. May help to have the upside down empty mould in front of you !

You can push the pieces close together and then ice over the whole lot if you wish.... or leave slightly apart which I think makes it easy for little hands to help themselves.

Ice the top with buttercream / frosting coloured using food colouring. If it's for a biggish kids party, then make two and stack one lot on top of the other with more buttercream or / and jam filling. That's all there is to it ! You can even use packet mix for muffins / cupcakes if you aren't a keen baker.

There are all sorts of other mould styles. I'm still unpacking, measuring and photographing them all. As soon as you see them appear on the website shop with photos, they are ready for sale !

The Do's and Don'ts of Getting the Best from your Flexible Silicone Bakeware
  • Always wash and dry new moulds before first use.
  • Always grease and flour new moulds when making cakes (not required for bread / pastry)
  • Moulds always need greasing / flouring if sugar content is higher than the fat content in your recipe. If it's lower - you shouldn't need to bother.
  • Always use moulds on a baking tray / oven rack. They DO require support.
  • Never lift a filled mould unsupported. They are floppy. The rims of the moulds cannot take large weight strain either.
  • Never use sharp instruments (skewers, knifes etc) on silicone moulds. They'll pierce the mould and it will rip.
  • Never use baking tray liners as oven spillage mats on the floor of your oven - they are not suitable due to oven floor direct temperature (far higher than internal air temperature).
  • Not suitable for direct flame - ie barbeque and don't put it on the hob ring of the cooker when on !


  1. This looks like a really fun mould Sarah! How original is that! Kids would really love this. And teh fact that it only takes 15 minutes to bale a whole cake is great. bravo:))

  2. very crazy! Good for child

    see my blog whit your Slice Sectional Cake Pan mould:

    You can translate in english :-)


  3. thank you - I'll come and have a look at what you have made with the sectional mould. :-)

  4. That's a fun mould! There's a F1 car-racing today in England..this fits perfectly!

  5. It's so easy to use - perfect for a little boy's birthday. I'll have a play and photo the rest of the jigsaw cake range soon :-)

    Thank you all for your comments !

  6. This car mould is cute and fun, I would want to eat the tyres. Notice the (s) hehee. I can't wait to see the butterfly mould.

    I found a silicone mould in my kitchen the other day, for heart shaped muffins! I forgot I had it, it's so easy to remove the muffins from. Thanks for informing how to best use them.

  7. This is cool! My son would LOVE this cake for his upcoming 5th birthday!


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