Friday 30 July 2010

Blackberry Cinnamon Tray Bake Cake

This is a adapted recipe from an old Good Food magazine. The original recipe used cherries and I also found the mix quantities were a bit out.

There have been so many cherry cakes of various descriptions on food blogs of late, that I decided to avoid joining the masses and used some blackberries instead.

BIG. FAT. JUICY. BLACKBERRIES. It's a sign that the seasons are starting to change and summer is passing it's peak. Autumnal fruits are already starting to arrive.

This recipe fits in an 8" square silicone bakeware mould or cake tin. If using silicone, do grease the base with this cake. If using a non stick tin, grease and line or grease and flour it. It's a really simple and easy recipe.


140g self raising flour
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg
50g caster sugar
1 egg
5 tbsp of milk
85g melted butter
350g blackberries


35g plain flour
25g  caster sugar
25g butter

Grease mould or grease and line tin.

Sift cake dry ingredients together. Beat in melted butter and egg until a smooth batter forms.

Spread batter out into bottom of a prepared 8"square cake mould or tin. I'm sure round would work just as well too. Be prepared - this is a tiny volume of mix and it simply doesn't look right !

Put the blackberries on top of the cake batter. There is a lot of fruit and the top of the mix will be almost all covered.

Now rub the chilled butter, sugar and flour together for the topping. It needs to come together to form pea / bead sized blobs. Scatter over the blackberries. Again - it's a tiny amount.

Bake at 180deg C / 160 deg fan for approx 25mins until skewer comes out clean.

Leave to cool in the tin or mould for a while until just warm before turning out. I use two trays and sandwich the mould inbetween. The cake can be then be inverted again on to a rack or plate.

The fruit makes this quite a sharp cake. It is not overly sweet. Lovely on it's own with icing sugar or served warm with ice cream.


  1. This looks lovely Sarah. I can see that the sugar nibs would have been a perfect topping.Black berries are very expensive fact any kind of berries.

    I just made a cake from a local fruit called durian. The stinkiest fruit on the will never like it..but it was rich, buttery and stinky heaven over here..LOL..If I take some good pics I'll probly post it tomorrow..good thing you cant smell it from the computer.or you'll never speak to me again.:D

  2. Oh, I love this recipe and good that it is not overly sweet! Wish I had brought my fork along!

  3. This recipe looks delicoius!!! congratulations my dear....a kiss, Luciana

  4. Thank you all - this turned out to be a very simple and pretty cake to make.

    I swapped 1/3 of it with my next door neighbour for a cabbage ! Most of the rest of it got taken to work and was quickly demolished by the team :-)

    Zurin - I'm sure you could substitute with other fruits - some sliced plums perhaps ?

  5. Just back from Austria, got indulged with black berries can't wait to try this goodie :)

  6. Mmm, your blackberry Cinnamon cake looks delightful. I've found blackberries a bit too bitter for myself, so I might make it with apples.

    I do love your pretty pictures of your food :D

  7. Yes - the blackberries make it quite sharp. Apples or cherries should both work well.

    Thank you all for your comments :-)


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