Thursday, 2 December 2010

Crown Muffin Moulds are HERE and now available - so exciting !

At last - we've had mountains and mountains of new style silicone moulds arrive .... many of which are my own designs. There are more boxes of them than I could possibly have believed and the store is full to bursting ! It will be a little while before we can get them all unpacked - so do bare with me. I'll introduce you to most of the new stuff as soon as I can.

Many of you will remember my earlier blog post about THE SECRET TO MAKING CAFE STYLE MUFFINS

Well - our specialist silicone bakeware mould to make crown ovens in a normal sized oven (non commercial) is now available and can be found IN OUR ONLINE SHOP HERE at an incredible price of £5.99 each. These would make an awesome Christmas gift for any keen baker.

We also ship worldwide for anyone interesed outside of the UK... but last date for overseas orders for delivery by Christmas is today.

Basically - the mould has a special recess head. You put your paper case in and fill the case right to the brim. As the cake mixture rises in the pan, it fills the recess and creates the big mushroom head.

Bingo - you've got massive muffins like those in the big chain coffee houses :-)

A mix for 12 normal muffins makes 6 of these Crown American Jumbo muffins - so take care not to eat too many or you will get very very fat !!!

Have  fun and enjoy....

Sarah-Jane,     December 2010


  1. Beautiful Sarah! I love to hear how jam packed your store is! it sounds extremely exciting. Makes me wish I had a store too. The moulds look fantastic. Im sure you'll have so many orders for them for Christmas.

    I hope Oliver and his little friend are getting better. Poor little ones.

    take care :)

  2. Oliver is full of Calpol and sound asleep. Emma is out of hospital and hopefully on the mend...poor little mite.

    Your crown muffin mould should be with you very soon Zurin ! I'm surprised it's not arrived yet...

  3. Silicone moulds have transformed my baking life since I started using them a few years ago. I have nothing fancy though and you have some very interesting moulds on your site. If you are up for it, I'd certainly be interested in doing a review on my blog of an appropriate product?

  4. It's going to have to wait till after Xmas, but I'm so getting me some of these.

  5. Hi Sarah-Jane,

    Just bought 2 of the Crown head muffin moulds. Brilliant idea, Just used them for the first time. Disaster!! Followed the 'before first time use' instructions.

    I then used a 12 muffin recipe(Nigella).Filled the paper cases almost to the top. And I mean ALMOST to the top. The mixture rose, but didn't flow into the rebated section.Result. No Crown heads. Any ideas? Thanks.

    Ricky Callan

    P.S. Lovin' the site, the blog, and the Facebook page.

  6. thanks for the comment Ricky. Your mix obviously just doesn't rise as high as some other mixes do. You'll learn the volume to get enough rise will differ from recipe to recipe. Try filling 1/2 up the rebated head next time as per the other message you sent.

    I'd love to see how you get on.

    PS - I thoroughly recommend the book Muffins Fast and Fantastic by Susan Reimer. It's the best muffin book I've ever found.


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