Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Post For Chef Dennis (MTAMF) ..... BREAD !

I've been meaning to do post this for a while, but I'm so laden down with work at the moment that it's been nigh on impossible to keep my blog up to date.

You put a blog post on a month or so back about teaching the girls to make bread....

I've been making bread by hand for some time now, but have never tried :

1. fridge storing dough
2. artisan type with the tray and boiling water underneath
3. pizza / bread stone (it's been in my shed unopened for about 3 years !)

Anyway - I just wanted to acknowledge the source of the inspiration and share a few photos.

Previously, I've let me bread prove and bake on a tray. It's always been good bread. I'd no idea how to transfer proven bread from a tray to the oven without making a real hash of it. My pizzas NEVER ever got that crispy base either.... but they do now !

Well - thanks to your blog entry and link, I looked up and realised that to do this, I needed to basically put my dough on a scattering of semolina or corn meal on "something transferable" first. My Joseph Joseph chopping board turned out ideal as a substitue bread peel !

For others - the cornmeal / semolina literally acts like little ball bearings and allows the proven bread dough / pizza base to slide on to the pre-heated stone in the oven with a simple shunt. Excessive force for the shut is not required - the cornmeal / semolina does the work. :big thumbs-up)

The tray with boiling water definately adds to that thicker crust.

I'm still to attempt making sour dough and my own starter. I really want to have a go at that. Perhaps sometime between Christmas and New Year

And to sum up in one word....


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  1. WOW those are good hints Sarah! Thanks to you n to Chef Dennis.

    I like the one about semolina and 'ball bearings;. ive also had problem with pizza dough wondering how to transfer it to the heated pan in the oven (Yes pan..not stone)...eventually i just placed the dough on baking paper and then slid it on with the baking paper...not good enough. I ll surely try this trick.

    Those look like wonderful bread Sarah! i must get back to bread baking myself :)) such a good post this one!

  2. Hello Zurin

    I'm very behind on blogging at the moment as have been so busy. I must apologise to be so slow with email too at the moment.

    SEmolina / corn meal under the rising dough has TOTALLY changed my bread making.

    The top loaf was onion and rosemary incase you were wondering what the funny coloured bits on top were....

    Glad you found the entry helpful ! x

  3. Sarah
    I am so happy to see you made the bread, and it looks like it came out great!!! thanks so much for the mention on your blog, I really do appreciate it.
    It is a wonderful easy bread to make.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it.....if you let the dough sit for a week it will start to get more of a sourdough taste to it.

  4. you are very welcome :-)

    I plan to have a go at loads of different bready type things as soon as I can manage to find me some spare time.

    Anyone know where to find spare time :-o

  5. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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