Friday 21 January 2011

Fancy a Fine Financier Finger ?

Well - I can't really claim these are financiers I don't suppose as there is absolutely no almonds in these pretty little teacakes....

Saying that, they were just as delightful - if not more so and fitting to share with 100 lovely blog followers. Thank you all so much for dropping in to view my creations and leave messages. It's truly appreciated. I just wish I could pass you all one of these right now with a cup of tea or coffee !

I made cherry financiers last year for the first time and instantly fell in love with these beautiful little French pastries. You can see them here.

This time (as if they were not delicious enough already) - I decided to tweak the recipe and make them instead with pistachio nuts. This worked wonderfully ! These are seventh heaven for pistachio lovers. Especially topped with some roughly chopped and whole nuts. Mmmmm.


We've got a new 12 cell sponge finger mould which is just awesome for making little bar like cakes such as these. Each cell is approx 30mm x 30mm x 75mm. The whole mould is approx 295 x 180mm overall. It WILL (as all our silicone bakeware moulds do) need support on a baking tray during use.

These are a lovely size for making little teacakes, bar type bakes and cakes and individually portioned brownies. Ideal size for cakes to go on cake stands for afternoon tea. The best cakes like these - always leave you wanting more.

Lightly grease and flour your silicone bakeware mould (tapping out any excess flour over the sink before filling).

I filled each cell about 3/4 full and then added more pistachios on top which were very roughly chopped - many still whole.

Recipe below made 16.

Pistachio Financier Fingers

With financiers, you need to cook the butter until nut brown.
175g melted butter (I use salted)
210g icing sugar
60 g plain flour
120g ground pistachio nuts (I ground whole nuts)
30 > 50g whole pistachios very roughly chopped - leave some whole
5 egg whites

Sift icing sugar and flour. Add ground pistachios and stir. Whip egg whites to break up until they start to foam, but well before they reach peaking. Add the eggs and mix. Quickly mix in warm / hot melted butter.
Pour into greased and floured 12 finger sponge mould. Each cell should be approx 3/4 full. This recipe filled 16 holes, so if you only have 1 x 12 finger mould, then fill a couple of muffin cases with the remaining batter
Cook in a fan oven at 190deg C for 15 > 20 mins until they spring back to the touch. Allow to cool for about 5 mins until hand hot before removing from the moulds and transferring to a wire rack.

Eaten a little warm, I find these a little greasy. Leave them to fully cool. I promise, they taste even better on the second day.

We were good. Oliver and I only had one each when I made them last Saturday. Most of the rest were taken to a very dear friend.

 Victoria - you are a complete and utter angel. We love you to bits x

Now - an apology. My photos are from now on going to be plastered with a dirty great big watermark. I've had it pointed out to me that a Chinese company (that we've never so much as heard of) have been lifting all my blog and website images in the hope of promoting their own products. I have contacted them, but they refuse to remove them and basically told me there was nothing I could do to stop them....

Cheeky, arrogant rat bags.

I hope I can prove them wrong. I'm having to prove all original photos and dates etc for over 40 stolen photos in the hope their hosts are going to make them remove them. Big time consuming job - but I'll do it for the principle.

Sarah-Jane (very annoyed !) 22/1/10 - - the silicone molds cook shop, shipping worldwide


  1. OH! Im sorry to hear about the stolen fotos Sarah! How AWFUL. i would be so angry as Im sure you are. I hope you will manage to make them stop one way or another.

    The financiers look adorable and really yummy. I have some pistachios in the pantry. I think ill give these a go. Since i made yr cherry financiers Ive fallen in love with them.

    take care and I really hope you get them!


  2. They look so yummy Sarah-Jane! Ive used all the silicone ware I have bought from you and am amazed at the results. The baking tray liner is so versatile, I use it to cook,roll out pastry, to prove my bread on and then straight into the oven (on a baking tray of course)Cant wait to buy some more, and these 12 finger cell are a definite buy. Good for you, standing up to internet thieves! Elizabeth

  3. Good luck with those internet pirates, I am just about ready to do the same to my images, just in case...Your little cakes looks perfect, and I love pistachio's so that was the perfect change for me!

  4. how annoying it is, god know when these people will learn about internet ethics, water marks are must for food blogger, hope you mange to right ur right for hard work on pictures and those pistachio cakes looks very beautiful,,,congrats on 100+ way you go! :)

  5. Zurin - these were really yummy. I only ate one before taking the rest to my friend. I swear - if I had not given them away, I would have ended up eating the lot !

    Mum and dad are going away on holiday tomorrow for 3 weeks. When they get back, I might send them some of these. Mum adores pistachios.

    Elizabeth - those baking tray liners are so so handy to have around. It's not until you have one that you realise how versatile they are and what a neccessary part of your kitchen equipment they quickly become.

    Chef Dennis - I can't tell you how mad I was at having about 40 photos lifted. I've not had time yet to follow up the steps needed to try and have the photos removed - but I fully intend to try and do so tomorrow..... Fingers crossed I can get something done about it ! I wish my photos of these little teacakes were better. Lighting in the kitchen is dire. Light tent on order (as my little lightbox is only 12" x 10" !)

  6. Ooooh... I hope you win that cyberwar Sarah... I just ordered your 26-letter set on Ebay all the way from the Philippines!! I just HAD to have them. First thing I'll do is make you a cake, photograph it and send it to you. I'm hoping to launch a niche market here with that "say it with cake" style of baking.=) Too many fondant-cake and cupcake-bakers here already.. =(

    When the pocket is full I will buy the rest of your moulds including this one for my coffeeshop clients! No more aluminum pans hooray!

    Now.. what to do while waiting for my shipment to arrive. Three weeks is forever. Sigh.

    Thanks for the positive ebay feedback. Cheers!

    Following your blog,


  7. yes - it will take a while for your order to reach the Philippines. I think you'll like the letters. They are such good fun !

    We've got some super mould styles, with more new designs due in a couple of months :-)

  8. Would love to haved a number of your products featured within my kitchen.

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  9. I tried your recipe out! Loved it! Like my image?

  10. I made them! Delicious! Like my image?

    1. well done - those look lovely ! Glad they turned out nicely for you :-)

    2. Thank you! Everyone loved them! Will be making some more for sure, so easy to make! Thanks for the recipe! :D


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