Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Blog Anniversary, Launch of LETTER MOULDS & a GIVEAWAY !!!!

Well - I can hardly believe it. Thursday 13th of January marks my first anniversary of blogging !

It actually feels a long time ago, probably since I've been cataloguing Oliver's antics with me in the kitchen. He's grown up SO much in the last year and now loves to be involved. He'll often even tell me it's time to take pictures !

This is also an exicting time for me as I'm now ready to start launching my brand new designs of silcone bakeware. It has been a huge project which has taken an unbelievable amount or research and time to sort out and produce. However, I'm pleased to be able to announce that you can now buy our SAY IT WITH CAKE moulds not only as the set words - but as individual letters and numbers.

The photo at the top was one I made for a Yorkshire Tea competition. I've not showcased it on the blog before - but it was really fun to make and won me some free cakes from Yorkshire Tea. They seemed to like it and Tweeted the photo too !

This next one was for a bit of a giggle. If you click on the photo to make it bigger, you'll get a bit better view.

I can't remember what type of cake it was - but it was for halloween and never made it to the blog....
It was covered it in buttercream and crushed Lotus biscuits to give a sand like effect. Don't worry - the black spiders are PLASTIC - I promise :-P

You may well recognise the photo of our C A K E cake above (REGISTERED DESIGN). We've been producing that silicone bakeware mould for a few years and it's very very popular. Hundreds upon hundred of you have these and rave to us about them all the time - yet few people review their purchases on our website. Can I request you perhaps leave us reviews on your purchases ? We love to here all your comments... whatever they may be.
Daily, we've been getting requests for custom made moulds to create names or words in cake for birthdays, anniversaries and other various celebrations. This just was not logistically possible. However, we're now making ALL 26 letters of the alphabet as single letters or as a set. Numbers are also now available too !

Our online webshop (shipping worldwide) is

Find us on Ebay too as  NATURALHEATING
So - whatever you want to say... it's now possible :


The list is truly endless ! You get the idea....

I've had a fab idea for my friend's birthday. I want to make her a cake that says VICTORIA'S SPONGE. Tee hee.

Darn - now I've told you that - I bet I'll find the blog entry before it's her birthday !
Also available in our range are set words : HAPPY, BIRTH, DAYS and CAKE. It often works out a little cheaper to start with those and then buy the additional letters you need. Those moulds are perfectly suitable to chop into individual letters.

These moulds are very flexible and you DO need to put them on a baking sheet in the oven. Around 8 single letter moulds will generally fit on a standard baking sheet.

Each letter is approx 115mm / 4.1/2" long, various widths (W and M are the biggest), 40mm / 1.1/2" deep

To ensure perfect release every time with letters and numbers (any tricky shapes) DO very lightly grease and flour (tapping out any excess before filling) every time you use them
Guides to words moulds : - fancy - basic - double layered

And so..... to our GIVEAWAY ..... for one ALPHABET set of SAY IT WITH CAKE moulds.
To enter, you need to be a blog follower and leave a comment with what word or phrase you'll like to make out of this set :-)
For an additional entry, put a wall posting on our Facebook page or Tweet about our giveaway / fabulous new silicone bakeware cake moulds.
I'll get Oliver to pick a random entry out of his dumper truck next Thusday !?!
Good Luck


  1. Following you. I would love the word - "Love"

  2. They are so cute :D I would like the word "HAPPY" :D

  3. i would love my daughters name as its her birthday the end of jan and her name is unusal mackenna

  4. Hi Sarah-Jane love your blogs always make me smile and no still haven't tried making choc truffles, I'm trying to get a melon baller first lol.
    The cake moulds look great. I'd make word celebrate. Xxx

  5. Since it is your 1st Blog Anniversary, I would like the word "HAPPY".

  6. OOOOH I love this!!! I would love the word LOVE xx

  7. These are so so cute. I am a follower already, I hope I win!

  8. Hi,

    What a great giveaway! I would use the letters to form the words "Be Mine" for a Valentine's Day Cake :)


  9. I love this idea I would love the word Vaida for my daughters first birthday in May :)

  10. I think I will make the word "Twins" for the baby shower I am planning for my best friend. I love these moulds

  11. Congrats Sarah, lots more for you to achieve :) mine will be "Be Happy"
    Oh ya can i bribe Oliver with some candies...:P

  12. I've followed you for quite awhile ever since you stoped by mine. Love the molds - ihave a group of friends called 'The Shooters'...don't ask lol Would love to make a Cake for them!!

  13. Congrats on your achievements!

    As a mum of 2 young kids and a house to manage, I can imagine how much it must have taken you to do what you did!

    Now, definitely the word *LOVE*. esp with V Day coming up :)

    Thanks for bringing out all the letters! def getting them, and will leave review and pics when i do them!

    P.S. is it poss to have basic cake recipes on your website? what quantity do we use for the letters? recipes for 8 inch or 9 inch..etc??? Thanks!

  14. Happy Blog Birthday!
    I'd love to make one that said "Eat Me" for an Alice in Wonderland style tea party!

  15. I've been reading your blog for a while since buying some of your moulds, and now following. I would make my favourite word...chocolate! Just because I love cake and I love chocolate :)

  16. I have just found you on ebay and cant wait to buy some moulds. Baking has given me a new lease of life lately. I suppose I would just like plain Happy Birthday Dad as it is my dads 81st birthday on the 13th Jan, but I really like the Happy Days I have seen on your ebay page - I hope there are lots of Happy Days to come for everyone. Best wishes Elizabeth x

  17. I love your blog and I have "CAKE" but if I could write anything I would just do EAT ME and leave it in the staffroom at my sons school on the last week of term when the teachers are desperately in need of a break, a good cake would help them through that week!

  18. i would love to say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and have a massive mary poppins themed tea party :)
    i love these word expression cakes :D

  19. for a wedding I think it would be great to have "to have and to hold"

  20. i would write "to have and to hold" for a wedding

  21. I would make mine spell out the name of my business: Pet Lamb! These would be perfect for us :D

    Katie xox

  22. Hi I LOVE these and would love to win...Its My 10 Year Wedding Anniversary this Yea and i am Asking My Hubby to Renew our Wedding Vows ..So Mine wud be MARRY ME ......Pleaseeeeeeeeee Pick me..sallb Twitter xxx

  23. As my friend is a big fan of Mary Poppins I would make 'supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus' for her 66th Birthday next year, a cup cake measure for each year and a statement of how great a person they are "they're super........."

  24. I would love to see something to confuse the mind like SAVOURY>
    Congrats on your business its really the mosy fabulous idea thats just grown, I wish you every sucess.
    I need CAKE!!

  25. Seeing as we all love cake and eating it give you a big buzz of a suger rush I think it would be nice if the phrase was,
    (Let them eat cake)
    and you could always add a big smiley face mould to your collection.....

  26. Hello

    Sorry I've not been on the blog in a few days. I've just posted all the comments up online...

    Too much work and not enough play recently. I'm working away doing photos etc of various new moulds that are now in but not yet online.

    This giveaway was due to close yesterday - so unfortunately you are too late on this one Colin.

    Oliver and I will have some fun and draw the entry this evening. Good luck all !

  27. My name is quite unusual (although there are lots of little girl Evie's running around I've noticed) so I would get a Y for me! You can NEVER find Yvie anything!
    I would have to get an S too for him indoors as I'm not good at sharing cakes :)

  28. well..... HANNA - looks like you've bagged a set of letters my dear.

    Email me your details and I'll get them on their way to you. Well done :-)

  29. Well as it was mine and my hubbys 4th wedding anniversary on the 16th and its your anniversary of blogging this month, I guess my word would be ANNIVERSARY!!

  30. Too bad I saw this post late... I would have suggested...




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