Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ultimate Cherry and Ginger Fudge

I know - blog posts from me have been very thin on the ground this month. I've been working lots of hours and had very little time to play ! When I have been fiddling around in the kitchen, I've never got round to posting the recipes or photos.... so time for a quick catch up.

This recipe is for Ultimate Fudge from the Carnation / Nestle website - see here

It's a pretty easy recipe and makes a nice, tasty fudge (demolished by shop customers !) - but I can't say it's my favourite fudge recipe. It's buttery and crumbly. It tastes sort of like Scottish Tablet, but not quite as good as that. As far as fudge goes, I prefer it to have a little more bite.

Still - it's easy, and only a few ingredients are required. It's pretty yummy and boxes up nice as gifts. I don't think anyone I offered it to refused - and many had a second or third piece ! It didn't last too long....

397g can condensed milk
150ml milk
450g demerara sugar
115g butter

150g glace cherries, halved
55g stemed ginger in syrup (without the syrup) chopped

Grease and line an 8" square baking tin - or if using our 8" square silicone bakeware mould.... don't do anything to it at all !

Put all the first lot of ingredients in a heavy based pan. Stirring all the time, bring to the boil and boil for about 15 mins until soft ball point is reached

Remove from heat and beat until thick and grainy. Stir in cherries and ginger. Pour (scrape) into your tin or silicone bakeware mould and leave to set. It will be ready to turn out in approx 40mins - though I left mine overnight.

Here is the fudge turned out the mould

And just for the sake of it - I also poured some into one of the silicone soap moulds !

As you can see, again it came out beautifully !

Sarah-Jane Nash, - silicone bakeware cook shop (worldwide)

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