Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tumeric and Tamarind Prawns

My photography always leaves a lot to be desired. I really need to get my SLR back out and also learn how to use it. Problem is, there is not enough light in our kitchen in the evenings and the photos are dire. As a result, I have only been using the SLR in daytime and my little instant digital at night.

This recipe for Tumeric and Tamarind Prawns is from the lovely and talented Zurin who has the Cherry On A Cake Blog . Zurin has just been given a slot in her national Malaysian newspaper for a new food bloggers column and created this recipe.

 What she may not know until she reads this (hiya Zurin !!!!) is that I've also used the photo of the CAKE cake she made on the front of our website this month. Isn't it GORGEOUS ?

Despite stuggling a little with ingredients in my local supermarket, I was determined I'd recreate it as accurately as I could.

Zurin's lovely recipe can be found HERE

Our little local supermarket didn't have shell on raw prawns - so I had to make do with raw king prawns. As I used 22 prawns (1 pack), I used 1.1/2 tsp of tumeric.

I couldn't get a block of tamarind - so used 2tsp of tamarind paste in 60ml of water.

I used two small onions - one normal and one red. The last of a rubbish onion crop from my veggie patch this year !

I used a whole great big red chilli which was fairly worrying as I know Malaysians like things HOT HOT HOT - but it really was fairly tame compared to my expectations.

I unfortunately had to miss out the corriander as my husband hates it. I think the corriander really would have been the cherry on the cake :-)

Very simple and tasty. Ready in under 15 mins including cooking the rice. If you like spicy food, try it - you won't be disappointed.

Thank you Zurin for your friendship, photos and sharing your recipes with us..

Lots of Love (and congratulations !)



  1. Lovely dish! :o) Shooting pictures at night is always tough but I still think you did a great job!

  2. oh - they don't look a patch on Zurin's dish - but then prawns with shells on look SO much better.

    I hope Zurin will be pleased when she sees I've tried to recreate her masterpiece !

  3. AWWWWWWWWW Sarah Jane. You are too sweet!!!! Im so honoured that you replicated the recipe to a T. :)))))) Thank YOU for your friendship and Im so honoured to know you.

    Ill hop over to see teh CAKE foto after this. Muah! xoxo

    Ive been so busy. My grandkids are here and I have broke my own record by not touching my laptop for three whole days! Ive just opened my laptop and I was so surprsed to see this recipe staring back at me from the thumbnail on my blogroll! YAY.

    Im so pleased that you enjoyed it and I cant wait to see teh CAKE foto ..:))))) going over now. :)))

    tq a million and Im very honoured that you used my foto. :)) I cant stop smiling. :))))

  4. nice recipe, first time here, you have wonderful recipes, following you too

  5. Zurin - emailed you...

    Aparna - Thank you for your comment. Glad to have you visit here. Do check out the original version of this recipe on Zurin's blog - her photos are much better !


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