Sunday, 5 September 2010

"Run Run As Fast As You Can.....

You can't catch me - I'm a gingerbread man !"

I've had a really stupidly busy week and been working extra long days - even more than my normal long ones. Going to bed at 3am and getting up around 7.30am doesn't leave much room for play or fun ..... That's why there has not been much blogging of late - though I do have a couple of belated things still to post from right at the start of the month.

My mum was down visiting last weekend and brought Oliver a book The Gingerbread Man. I remember having it myself as a child. Mine was a hardback and gingerbread man was on a ribbon. There was a slot in my book so you could pass him through the pages.

Anyway - we've been reading that this week and reciting the main lines pretty much every where we go ! I decided it was time to make some gingerbread men (and bears). A few were delinquints - like the one with the spikey hair and big tummy and the one poking it's toungue out and having a bandaged arm... I used Martha Stewarts recipe - which you can find here.

I decided to make a load of teeny weeny gingerbread bears too band sandwiched them together with some butter icing made with th usual butter and incing sugar as well as ginger syrup.
Oliver and I made the dough yesterday morning and I baked it tonight after we got back from BEWILDERWOOD on silicone baking mats / tray liners. They only took 10mins for the large ones and 5 mins for the teeny weeny ones.

Oliver ran for hours and hours. Bewilderwood is THE most fantastic place for children and adults. We both had a fantastic time on all the tree top walks and there are some excellent slides.

Yup - no time other than the odd snap - you can just about spot Oliver high-tailing it up those stairs !

Some really cool tree houses and dens. Boat rides etc too. It's fairly expensive - but includes everything.... and worth EVERY penny.

You can't see how big or steep this scramble net is - but I'm looking down on Oliver climbing up. This is his second time round !

It's a pretty big complex at 50 acres. It's VERY easy to stay all day - even with a toddler. By the time we left to come home, Oliver was so tired he could barely stand, yet still didn't want to leave !

There is stuff for all ages - including slides and zip wire rides. This grandfather and two young boys were having a wonderful time on a swing for three ! The face painter they had was truly awesome. I think Oliver is a little too small - next year maybe... but there were full grown adult men and women going about with painted faces as well as the kids.

This place even makes adults feel 10yo again. I cannot tell you how good it is. If you ever visit East Anglia - TAKE YOUR KIDS TO BEWILDERWOOD !


  1. What an enchanting name! Bewilderwood. Oh my I would love to spend time there myself. I wld be an overexcited and overgrown child...LOL I can imagine Oliver barely standing and exhausted. :)looks like you had a fantastic time Sarah. I will surely recommend it to anyone who goes that way.

    teh gingerbread men/bears are soooo cute. esp the spiky haired an dbandaged armed ones. too funny and so creative.

    btw u asked how to clean prawns yet keeping the shells on. Well, i provided a link in the post to an older post in wh explained it. Do check it out. Its pretty interesting and tells teh reason why it shd be done (Cleaned even if the shells are to be left intact):))

  2. HI Zurin

    You would be like a big kid. I had a lovely time ! So did Oliver - I went to bed around 2.30am after posting this and he woke up chanting "Bewilderwood, Bewilderwood" at 4.00am.

    Dreams were full of fairies and goblins in woody dales. I've never felt so little in long time :embarrassed:

    Musdt have missed the link about the prawns. In my defence - it was nearly 2.30am. I'll go back and have another look. Thanks :-)

  3. Oh, I remember having the gingerbread book as a kid too. You are bring back some serious memories :D

    Your gingerbreads look too cute, really like those little bears.

    Oh, lookie little Oliver, so cute. I can imagine he went straight to sleep once home. That looks like a really fun place. Thanks for sharing :D

  4. A very delicious recipe and idea! Thanks :-)

  5. such a cutie ginger breads and glad that you and Oliver had a great time!...Oh btw sarah...i wanted to order few stuff...sent to mail regarding that/. hope you are very busy :)

  6. They look delicious! I especially like the little bear sandwiches!


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