Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Belgian Chocolate Bunny Rabbits !

Aren't these cute ? I made a pile of Belgian Chocolate white and milk bunny rabbits last night using one of our newest chocolate moulds. Here it is - 16 cell chocolate bunny rabbit silicone mould.

Try, try and try again... I've wasted a fortune on trying to mould chocolates. For some reason I've always had horrible results in the past. My chocolate has come out with those white mouldy looking marks. I've heated in a special chocolate melter, I've tried the microwave and a double boiler..... all with horrendously bad results !

However, now I think I've discovered the secret and got perfect results with all 14 chocolate bunnies that I made (I didn't fill the whole mould). Each chocolate bunny is approx 50 x 60 x 20mm and solid chocolate weight is 33grams each.

Lindt eat your heart out ! These will make gorgeous little chocolates for any age group - especially children. You should have heard Oliver squeal when he got one of these this morning !

I've always used normal "eating" chocolate in the past from the supermarket. I've tried the belgian chocolate from the baking isles and various brands from the isle with sweets. All my efforts were in vain and my resulting chocolates looked rubbish and many tasted just as bad.

The secret is in the chocolate itself. Buy COURVETURE chocolate which is specifically meant for tempering. It can also be used thinned down in chocolate fountains.

The brand I bought is called Callebaut. It comes in milk, plain and white and is Belgian chocolate. Tastes simply yummy ! Various sizes of bags are available. I bought 2.5kg bags from a local cake craft shop at approx £15 each. I think smaller 800g ones are also available.

I simply slowly melted it in a melting pot. When it was nearly all melted, I took it off the heat and kept stirring until the rest melted in. Then, poured into the cells of the mould. Once almost full, a rap on the kitchen side to dispell air bubbles and a light shake side to side evens the chocolate. It was basically self levelling and I did not even have to screed it off with a pallet knife.

Now I've got the hang of it with perfect results, I'm looking forward to making more using different moulds and putting soft centres in the middles.

We've got a collection of various new chocolate moulds arriving in November. I've got one of each to play with and photograph now - so you might be lucky enough to see some photos soon !

Sarah-Jane Nash - http://www.siliconemoulds.com/ - silicone bakeware mold specialist. September 2010


  1. Awee they look, i make them i would eat them but rather keep looking them :)

  2. Aww, those chocolate bunnies look fantastic! I almost bought that mould on Sunday, but went for a couple of your flower ones instead for making chocolate. Next time! Really pleased with all the moulds that arrived yesterday btw and am looking forward to seeing the new stuff in November :-)

  3. thank you. These really are super cute. I could look at them all day - but I do not think Oliver would appreciate that.

    CG - you have made some really nice things with your moulds and your photos are awesome. I'm about to do a Customer Creations blog entry and will feature and link your page if that's ok :-)

  4. these bunnies look soooo cute...i am just thinking that chubbier the bunny...more the amount of chocolate I can eat!

  5. Hi Sarah-Jane, that's brilliant, thank you! It will be great to see what everyone makes with your moulds :-)

  6. Thanks for sharing your experimenting Sarah-Jane - now I will try making my own.... been a bit nervous before.... and look forward to seeing your Christmas moulds!

  7. Those are adorable! So great!!!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  8. I could look at them the whole day too Sarah! Those choco rabbits are absolutely adorable. The silicone moulds did such a great job. I must try my hand at fiddling with chocolate one of these days. I can imagine Oliver's delight...*squeal* :))


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