Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Coming Soon - New Style Silicone Spatulas

It's pretty busy here at the moment. More like chaotic actually and I'm working like a mad thing to make sure everything keeps running like a well oiled engine. There is little time for me to play, hence far fewer blog entries at the moment.

As summer drifts away, people are starting to think about lighting their wood burning stoves and switching on their heating. Autumn weather is bringing colder weather with it. Our seasonal food is changing from the vibrant summer mediteranean type vegetables and berry fruits, to starchier and more filling potatoes, onions and carrots. Out go the salads and on go our ovens to make hearty stews and comfort foods like puddings and cake.

It's quite nice isn't it ? Sad in one way - but it's so nice to have the oven on and the smell of a home made steak and ale pie in the oven or a nice loaf of fresh bread.

ANYWAY - I digress....

I thought you might like to see these two new styles of spatulas that we have now put into production. Both should be available from around end of November along with loads more stuff I've got underway.

The first picture is of a wedge head spatula. It's the sort of thing you look at and wonder what on earth it's for... Well - I'll tell you :-)

The spatula has a flat head. This makes it amazingly good for leveling cake batter and using to frost the top of flat cakes. As the head is triangular shape, the pointy edge can get right into the side walls of a round or square tin. I've been playing with it in my kitchen for a couple of weeks and it's proving a really good tool.

The picture doesn't give any indication of the size. The head is approx 90mm wide and 75mm long. The whole thing is 250mm long.

The second spatula is a really long slender one with a very flexible head. The head is 106mm long by just 25mm wide at the base and 20mm wide at the tip. Overall length is 280mm.

This one comes in handy practically every day for something. It's fab for icing with buttercream and gives you so much more precision. The flexibility of the head and the long slender shaft means it's so much easier and you don't end up with a knife which has buttercream half way up the handle ! It's great for tricky bits and doing the sides of cakes such as those made with our SAY IT WITH CAKE word moulds.

I also love it for getting the last of things out of bottles and jars that a normal table spoon won't fit in. Wait until you see how well it can get every last little bit of condensed milk out of a tin !

Ah - HANDS OFF ! These are MINE..... but it won't be long before you can buy them too. Keep an eye on and our facebook page.


  1. rest a while too Sarah and vibrant red spatula is intruding :)

  2. both of these are now available


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