Monday, 4 November 2013

Oliver's 5th Birthday Skull Cakes with Gore and Dry Ice !

Happy Birthday Oliver !

I can't believe you are 5 years old already. The last year has been such a blur - but so full of fun ! Was it really a year ago we made that gingerbread pirate ship ?

Hope you enjoyed this year's birthday fun. Soon be time to start thinking about what cake you want when you turn 6 ! Love you loads little man. Mummy xxxx

For Oliver's birthday this year (25th of November, 2013), we had two cakes. One for his party and the other for the day of his birthday - which just happened to be a school day.

After all - you can't have a birthday if you don't have a cake I'm told. That's why Mummy gets to be 38 for another year :-)

The cake above and directly below is cake number 2 - the party cake. 

The small skull was made of white chocolate using the Wilton 3D Dimensons Mini Skull Pan. The top tier cake was red inside and the bottom tier was bright green. Vivid - but just a simple lemon cake with lemon buttercream. The spider web effect is hand painted with lustre dusts.

We had some super awesome fun at the play centre with some dry ice. Watch the kid's expressions in the video. Oliver is still talking about it....

It's ok - it's not REAL smoke....

Happy (tired) boy having a cuddle with Daddy.

Spooky juice anyone ?


Here is the other birthday cake. Oliver got to take it to school !

You will no doubt recognize the life size chocolate skull as I made one last month and blogged about it. Also - the recipe for the marshmallow eyeballs is here. Put them together ..... with some marshmallow krispy treats and strawberry ice cream sauce..... and it makes one heck of a mess when you smash it up !

Oliver and Mrs Newberry cutting the cake.

Yikes - that's a bit scary inside Mummy !

Even after eating marshmallow krispy brains dipped in strawberry blood along with eyeballs - the kids still had room for some cake !

Racing around on the playing field after school with Alfie.

Sarah-Jane Nash - Mummy to Oliver age 5 ! - - Nov 2013

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