Friday, 27 January 2012

Mini Doughnuts / Donuts (by the bucketload !)

I've stared playing with some of the new moulds that have arrived in an effort to start getting photos, measurements and recipes online. There are SO many to do that it's going to be quite a task !

I must say, I've always been sceptical about doughnut / donut moulds - after all, aren't the best doughnuts deep fried ? I'd never given baked ones a second thought. A couple of months ago, I made some mini jam doughnuts which I've yet to blog the recipe for. Very good they were too - but an awful lot of faffing around to be honest.... I found a recipe online at for cake doughnuts and have modified it a fair bit.

I'll warn you now. These doughnuts (UK spelling!) are paler coloured. They're surely healthier - but a bit denser in texture than the yeast risen kind. They DO taste just as good and are easy enough for young children to help bake along with mum. This recipe makes LOADS - 40 infact, but they are small and disappear fast.... especially if your kid wants to take them to nursery with him / her as Oliver did ! It should be very simple to half the given quantities.

Oliver and I made 3 variations from the one base recipe - rolled in cinnamon sugar, dipped in pink icing and dipped in coffee and maple syrup icing. All were superb ! If you try them without rolling in sugar or dipping in icing, you will find they are not very sweet. Given we're coating the outside in copious amounts, the inside doesn't need to be overkill on sugar too.

The 8 cell Mini Donut Silicone Bakeware mould is now available here :

Thanks goes to John Masters who helped me photograph these and also did some taste testing (he was the one holding a half eaten mini doughnut below !) Hope you enjoyed them John !

Prepare your silicone mini donut / doughnut pans but either greasing and flouring or with a very light coating of cake release. Dr Oeteker does an aerosol one and Wilton's comes in a little bottle. Goes a long way - and both are fast becoming by friends. Cake release is so fast and easy for prepping pans.

Place mould on baking tray for support. I can get two of these pans on one tray at the same time.

Preheat the oven to 200deg C / 180deg C fan


1 cup (250ml volume) white granulated sugar
3 cups of self raising flour *
2 tsp vanilla extract
300ml milk (warmed)
3 eggs
2 tablespoons of honey
115g melted butter or use vegetable oil

can be substituted for 3 cups normal plain (cake flour) plus 4 tsp baking powder

Spoon some batter into each cell. Go easy ! You want to fill to just BELOW the centre section - a little LESS than 1/2 full. First couple of trays, I had a tendancy to way overfill.

You only need a small amount of batter per cell - about a dessert spoonful. I spooned it in and then used a damp finger to level it in the cell and expose the raised bit in the centre to ensure it was not covered over.

Bake in the oven for 9 > 10 mins. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for just a few minutes - long enough to firm up a little... then simply flip the mould over and turn them out.

If you have over filled them, you only have holes about half way through. My first 16 (two trays) were like that. No problem - easy and quick to fix. Oliver was quite happy to stamp out (and devour) the middles using an apple corer.

To toss in cinnamon sugar : mix 1 tsp ground cinnamon with 100g of caster sugar. Brush each donut with melted butter and roll in the cinnamon sugar

To ice : Mix icing sugar with a little boiling water into dipping consistency. Needs to be quite thick. Can easily be flavoured and coloured. For the coffee and maple glaze, I used 1tsp espresso powder with a tiny bit of boiler water and a table spoon of maple syrup. The pink ones were not flavoured.


  1. how nice they it!!!

  2. They look amazing! Doughnut's have been on my list of things i would never attempt to make but these look so good i may just give them a go!!

  3. I always drool over your food pics.


    I also want to eat ALL of your doughnuts. Delicious.

  5. These are absolutely adorable! I've never tried my hand at making doughnuts but this so makes me want to :)

  6. ophelia1983 - thanks :-)

    Bethany Grace - I really need to post my yeasted (and fried) mini doughnuts with jam too. Totally different, but well worth having a go. The fried ones were a lot more time consuming and hassle, though they tasted great.... but I think I prefer these !

    LoveForFood - oh thank you! John I I took these pictures together on his camera. I don't know who took which ones. I've been working hard at trying to improve my photos and am getting there slowly.

    Liam - rofl - you certainely made me giggle !

    Beauty - first time for everything. My first batch looked a bit more muffin like as far too much mix in the pan, but those were easily rectified with an apple corer. Really easy to make and far too easy to eat.

  7. Hi, I've just purchased 2 of your 8 hole silicone doughnut trays and can't wait to try them out! A quick question - the batter mixture is for about 40 doughnuts, is the mixture ok left in the bowl whilst the cooking the previous batch? Thanks!

  8. Hello. Yes - I baked over a couple of batches and the mixture was fine sitting in the bowl whilst batch 1 cooked. Hope that helps :-)

  9. That's great, thank you! My son is almost beside himself with excitement about making these doughnuts :o) I've loved reading all your recipes (since finding your site yesterday!), I will definitely be trying out lots of the baking ones with my two little ones, and probably be purchasing more silicone products also!

    Thanks again :o)

  10. my little boy loves baking and adored making these - especially stamping out the middles with his apple corer as I had a tendancy to over fill them. Do let me know how you get on :-) I hope you enjoy making these with / for your kids as much as we did x

  11. Hello again - thanks for the super quick delivery - well I've had a go at making them with my boys and they loved them! I froze half uniced, and got them out today and they're still just as good. I had a bit of trouble converting the measurements in the recipe from cups to grams, as every website I went on to do a conversion it gave me a different weight!! If you have time, do you think you could post me the weights in grams? I'd be so grateful, thank you xxx


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