Saturday, 16 January 2010

Cheats Chocolate Pots

From the minute I got my hands on these silicone shot glass moulds, I was dying to try them with chocolate. Ice ? What a waste - if like me you don't like alcohol.

Instead, I came up with the idea of a Cheats Chocolate Pot - one of the fastest desserts ever. I think it should feature in Nigella Express or Delia's Cheats .... but it's probably too simple for that !
I'll warn you now - you need a lot of chocolate. However, it makes an impressive dinner party dessert. Very easy if you want to jazz it up a bit to feel you have actually done something.


420g chocolate
3 x milky bar white chocolate desserts - or make your own chocolate mouse
handful of frozen summer fruits berries

Start with 420g of chocolate - milk, dark or white. I've had terrible trouble melting chocolate in the microwave - even on low setting. When it cools it goes white and mildewy looking. Most unattractive. It really is far better and easier to use the double boiler method.

Put a pan of water on the cooker and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat and sit a glass bowl on top with the chocolate in (chopped) - making sure bowl does not touch the water.

Stir as it starts to melt. Once melted, remove from the heat.

Once melted, you can spoon it into your mould. Use a teaspoon handle or similar and stir round the sides of each cell to make sure that you release any air bubbles. You don't want big holes in your chocolate cups once they've set !

Literally, that's it. Simply wait until it's set. You can cheat and shove it in the fridge for a while... But this would be best done several hours before you require it or ever a day or two before and allowed to set naturally.

When removing from the mould, do NOT touch the chocolate unless you want unattractive fingerprints on your cups ! Instead, as you push it out with one hand from the mould - put a little bit of cling film round the cup and pull out with the other hand.

Put the chocolate cup on the plate and fill with either your chocolate mouse or (as in the picture) Milky Bar white chocolate dessert. Dress with a few frozen summer fruit berries for a fresh zing and mouth cleanser.

Could it really be any easier ???


  1. Hi
    This may sound like a supid question but what do you mean by Milky Bar white chocolate dessert? How do you make it? or is it just melted white chcoclate. Sorry to ask but am the worst cook in history :)
    Thanks For the moulds, Cant wait to try.

  2. it's a REAL cheat - you'll find it in the supermarket next to tubs of yogurt and chocolate mousse etc

  3. Where can I get the mould from? I've been looking everywhere :(

  4. you can find it here :


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