Thursday, 10 October 2013

Oliver, Emma and Starting School ! - September 2013

Better late than never.... been meaning to post these photos for a few weeks.

A month ago, Oliver (aka The Little Cake Tester) started school. Here he is with his girlfriend, Emma, who is now in Primary 2.

He'll be five in two weeks - just where did the time go ?

Last day of nursery school - escaping over the fence !

All ready to start school, in his new uniform and with an empty school bag !

Lining up with the other children to go into class for the first time. How cute !

Two days later, Oliver and Emma had a cinema and lunch date.

These two act like an old married couple.
They plan to get married and live in Scotland with a holiday house in Spain !

Followed by a trip to the sweet shop - for the biggest lollies ever, ever, ever !

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