Thursday, 10 October 2013

Obsessed with ...... Chocolate Shoes !

I've recently discovered I have a new obsession. SHOES.

Pink shoes, blue shoes, sparkly shoes - doesn't matter ..... as long as they are CHOCOLATE SHOES !

The first one I made, was the pink one on top of this cake...... I didn't want to let it go !

Sharon :

Look at my cake!!
Hands off the chocolate shoe, its all mine!!

The next one I made, was a sparkly purple love affair.....

Are you falling in love with my chocolate shoes yet ?

I sent it to my mum.....

Well, my beautiful, sparkly, purple, all-white-chocolate shoe arrived today! It's JUST like the photo. Sarah-Jane is SO clever. I put it in the dining room as it's coolest there. My dining room now smells like a chocolate shop!

 — with Sarah-Jane Nash and Sarah-Jane Nash.How much of a TEASE is THIS!!!! I want to eat it - but I want to look at it. I want to look at it - but I want to EAT it!!! If I eat it, though, I won't HAVE it any more. OK, I've decided. I'm going to have to stop breathing or wear a clothes-peg on my nose............... it's a KEEPIE! x

This next one was two tone - with a gold patent finish and in two tone. The sole and heel were milk chocolate and the top was white chocolate. 

This one went to Naomi, my brother's girlfriend. I think she liked her shoe !

These shoes are all about a size 6 - big enough you could practically put your foot inside. I think they need to come with a warning, that they will melt if worn.....

Naomi : Oh my GOD!!! A white chocolate stiletto!!!! Don't know whether to wear it, eat it or rub it on my naked self  so happy  — with Sarah-Jane Nash.

Full intentions of having some custom shoe boxes made to pack my chocolate shoes and have them look their best.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my creations !

Sarah-Jane Nash -


  1. amazing!!! never seen anything like that! this your latest silicone mould? what a brilliant idea. How are u Sarah Jane? sorry for the long silence but been taking a lot of time off.....need the de-stress etc...:)

  2. Love the sparkle!! can you share where to get the mold for the shoe? is is one where you pour the choclate in to make or one where you mold the choclate over it?


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