Friday, 18 October 2013

Bobby's Blue Ombre / Petal Ruffle and Sugar Pearl Christening Cake

These photos are of a christening cake I recently made for a very poorly little boy called Bobby.

I met Bobby and his mum a few months ago in HDU at Norfolk and Norwich hospital whilst visiting a friend

Bobby is constantly in and out of hospital and also has care in the local EACH children's hospice.

I cannot imagine how Sarah (Bobby's mum) manages all that she does. Sarah is a true inspiration and utterly incredible. 

I made this christening cake for Bobby's christening as a gift. I hope they received the same amount of pleasure and enjoyment from it as I did in creating it.

The bottom tier was vanilla sponge and covered in layers of blue ombre petals - each layer a little darker than the one before.

The little christening shoes were hand made from sugarpaste and I think Sarah kept them as a keep-sake.

Top tier was chocolate and covered in hundreds of sugar pearls......

Sarah-Jane Nash -

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