Monday, 28 January 2013

Mega MASSIVE Marshmallows - Toast on Your Fire !

My oh my - these marshmallows are TRULY enormous and totally dwarf anything I've ever seen before..

I made these in a 6 cell cylinder silicone bakeware mould. This is one of our new Spring collection of silicone molds, due for launch early March 2013 at We also have the brass toasting forks available at £8.99 each.

Each cell is 2" / 50mm in diameter and 2" / 50mm high with a liquid volume of 100mls. We made these moulds specifically with fondant covered celebration mini cakes in mind. However, these moulds are suitable for many uses including making soaps, candles and massive monster marshmallows !

The recipe below gave enough volume to make 18 of these whopping marshmallows... Normally I use less gelatine and a little less water in my mallows - but for these giant ones, the extra gelatine made them slightly less cloud like and a bit better for toasting. Do be careful though - once they start to go, marshmallows melt fast.


500g sugar
250mls of water
3 egg whites
3 sachets of Gelatine granules (I use Dr Oeteker)
200mls of water
2 tsp vanilla extract

Put the sugar and water in a large heavy based pan.

Put 200ml of water in a small bowl, sprinkle on the gelatine granules (you may want to stir) and leave to bloom for about 10 minutes.

Bring the sugar and water to the boil. Do NOT stir. Boil for about 5 mins until the sugar temperature reaches 122 deg C. You will need a little digital probe thermometer and these can be purchased for under £5.00 including postage on Ebay.

When the temperature of the sugar syrup reaches 110deg C, whip the egg whites to stiff peak.

When the sugar syrup gets to 122deg C , remove from the heat. Allow to sit for a minute or so and then stir in the bloomed gelatine mix.

Whilst beating the egg whites, slowly pour in the sugar syrup mix - avoiding it directly touching the beaters. You can use a hand held mixer for this.

When thickened (but pourable) - pour into a lightly oiled moulds. Allow to set for at least 3 hours until firm.

Cut into squares and then roll in a 50 : 50 mix of powdered sugar and cornflour - or into cocoa powder.


January in the UK has brought us a lot of snow - about 6" or so here in Norfolk, and that hung around for a good couple of weeks. On Saturday we had a big thaw and that resulted in lots of flooding here in East Anglia......

This is a photo my husband took of the ford just down the road from our house yesterday. The water proceeded to get deeper after that and I believe the signs disappeared / were washed away.

The ford coming the other direction was also rather flooded as were many other back roads. Victoria was coming to visit, but had to turn back due to the road blockages from the flooding.

Victoria took this picture from the main road in from the opposite direction.

Thankfully, we stay about a mile away from this ford and where we stay, the ground is a good bit higher so we have no risk of flooding.

Instead, Steve (my husband) went out in his land rover and helped tow out various stranded motorists who had driven into water such as this. He was gone most of the day ... any excuse to play in water !

Having parted with my pick-up truck on Saturday morning, my new little car unfortunately had to stay in the drive on Sunday. It simply wasn't sensible to go out, no matter how much I wanted to take it for a spin !

 Instead, Oliver and I played pirates and cars indoors for most of the day...... though he missed Emma terribly. Ah well - there is always tomorrow.... and the terrible twosome had some great fun on Saturday..

Oliver (4) and Emma (5) - in a box ! 27/1/2013


  1. Looks like Oliver and Emma had fun! The marshmallows are fantastic! I love them but have never gotten up the nerve to make them.

    That's some serious flooding there. Stay safe! It's supposed to be in the 60's here tomorrow---unheard of this time of year---and then back to 15 degrees by Thursday. Crazy weather!

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