Monday, 7 January 2013

Easy Chocolate Medallions - Gifts To Make At Home

Chocolate medallions are so simple and easy to make, yet make a stunning and delicious gift or nibbles to go with coffee after a dinner party. 

Using our silicone macaron mat (now available in black, red, lilac and brown colours), you can pipe a small amount of  tempered chocolate in to each cell and then pop a few pieces of dried fruit and nuts on top. The beauty of this is that every medallion will end up IDENTICAL in size.

Our macaroon / macaron mats are double sided. These medallions are 50mm / 2" diameter and made on the large side. However, if you flip the mat over, you can make smaller ones by using the other side.

Simply package up in a pretty little box, cello bag, or even a little wire frame basket like this. Chocolate medallions really have a wow factor despite being the easiest chocolate gift you will ever make !

Pass the plate please !

Sarah-Jane Nash - January 2013 -

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