Sunday, 22 April 2012

Coconut Dream Chocolate Truffles & 10 Year Anniversary (20/4/02)

Want to make a gift ? Homemade chocolate truffles are delicious and very special.

You can find a pretty box, or they are very easy to make your own as I've done above. My box was made with a Crafters Companion Boxer Tool and just one A4 sheet of Kanban Card . The card I used was patterned on the one side. I kept the pattern on the inside for the box base, and then lined this with baking parchment for a softer look.

I can knock up boxes like this in just a couple of minutes and it can transform a gift into something that is a true delight to open.

For the ganche (centres) you will need :

8oz of milk chocolate (I use Callebaut or Belcolade Belgian Chocolate)
125ml double cream
Some dessicated coconut (about a handful)
A tablespoon of glucose or corn syrup
Malibu coconut liquer (optional)
2 or 3 knobs of butter

Gently toast the dessicated coconut until golden. 

Put the cream in a pan and bring just to boiling point. Take off the heat and pour over the chocolate. Stir to combine the two. Add the glucose and once the chocolate is melted, also a couple of knobs of butter. If you want to add alcohol, add about 25ml now along with the dessicated coconut.

The ganache will be quite runny. It needs to go into the fridge to firm up. It could take a few hours or even overnight.

Note - if you can, do wear some disposable gloves for the next stage - it's messy !

Once set, roll teaspoons of the ganache in your hands to form balls. Set these on a baking tray lined with a silicone mat and refrigerate again  for 15 mins or so to firm up once more.

You will need about 200g (guessing) of chocolate for dipping your truffles. I like to dip them and then place back on the silicone mat where they remain until hardened. These will set fairly quickly - but you can pop the tray in the fridge to speed setting if required. See this previous blog post for information on tempering chocolate.

Ten years ago on 20/4/02, I married my best friend. Steve and I married in a church wedding in Bothwell, Scotland.

Such happy and sad emotions. My Dad gave gave me away. The following day, I left Scotland and moved to my new home in Norfolk with Steve.

Newly married couple signing the registry

The bridesmaids - sheltering from the wind ! Alexandra, Hayley, Andrea and Kathryn.

It seems SO long ago now - but still so clear. Happy Days


  1. Happy 10 year anniversary! These truffles sound scrumptious! I have a feeling it wouldn't be hard to devour quite a few in one sitting the way I love coconut and chocolate together ;)!

  2. Congrats on your 10 years of marriage... I love the truffles

  3. oh Amy - I admit - these WERE good. The recipe made around 30.

    I will confirm though that the box in the photo went to my friend Victoria and a load went into work. Oliver had a 3 or 4 and my husband and I probably had about 3 each. If I'd kept these in the fridge and not dished them out quickly, I could have comfortably have eaten the lot !

    The Culinary Lens - thanks. I've got a chocolate truffle course booked in a couple of months. Will be interesting to see comparisons.

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! The truffles look gorgeous and a great way to celebrate!

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  6. Sorry typo error.
    Congrats on your anniversary and these truffles look wonderful and a must try for me I just love chocolate thank you for sharing this recipe and here's to the next ten years.


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