Sunday, 3 April 2011

Peach and Passionfruit Marshmallows

I ssaw a recipe on the front cover of the April edition of the Delicious Magazine and just knew I had to make it. The recipe was for fruity marshmallows and was very different to any marshmallow recipe I've ever seen before.

First of all - it was made WITHOUT eggs, and secondly, it was made with fruit smoothie ! The magazine cover photo was beautiful. Really stunning - you can see it HERE

I've googled and found a couple of other bloggers have made them too Feeding Boys and Baked Until Scrumptious

However, I wanted to make mine look rather different to normal marshmallows and decided to try and pimp them a bit :-)

120ml of smoothie or fruit juice (I used Innocent Peach and Passion Fruit Smoothie)
juice of 1/2 a lemon (my addition - not in original recipe)
23g powdered gelatine
440g caster sugar
160ml golden syrup

Cornflour to coat.

Pour the fruit juice over the gelatine and set aside to absorb.

Put lemon juice, caster sugar and syrup in a pan and bring up to 135 > 140deg C.

Put the gelatin / fruit juice gunge in a stand mixer and slowly add the syrup at medium speed until volume increase like meringue. When it gets to the point it's thick and stretchy and then pour into a prepared pan. The magazine suggests lining a tin with well oiled cling film. Leave to set/

I used two silicone bakeware moulds. A 15 cell sunflower mould and a 15 cell chrysanthemum mould.

Prepare these by oiling well and dusting with cornflour. I may as well admit it. These were a bit of a nightmare. After I poured my marshmallow into the moulds, I remembered I hadn't oiled or dusted them with cornflour. Marshmallow sticks to every living thing. Note to ones self - DO NOT MAKE MARSHMALLOWS AT 3AM !!!

I've made marshmallow many times before and it's always been a dawdle. Except this time. I found I had to wet my hands and literally scoop them slowly out of the moulds. They did come out intact with a bit of patience .... but it would have been a heck of a lot easier had I oiled and dusted with cornflour like normal.

Do buy the magazine - if just for the full version of this recipe with many many other ideas for flavour combinations and stunning photos.

Recipe verdict ? It worked well - but I much prefer normal marshmallows. The fruity flavour was nice - but they didn't live up to the James Martin marshmallow recipe I normally use. Next time, I'd use the moulds again for pretty looking sweets but the James Martin recipe and perhaps a tad of food colouring !

It is however worth a go if you fancy something rather different.

Sarah-Jane Nash, - the online silicone bakeware specialist cook shop


  1. I saw that recipe and it didn't really strike a chord with me - now I've seen what beautiful marshmallows you've made I feel silly not to have seen the potential. Your marshmallows are works of art!

  2. A lovely twist on the shape of the marshmallows! Nice presentation too.

  3. Sarah, This is so pretty with the cute moulds :))

  4. Wow!
    I would have never thought up that combo, but they are beautiful and sound delish!

  5. These look and sound amazing!

    If I have time I want to make lots of Marshmallows for Easter. I have the magazine and was totally pulled in by the marshmallows, I even brought a copy for a friend. Using innocent smoothies is pretty genius if you ask me and the Bailey's Coconut ones sound divine.

    Peach and Passion Fruit is an amazing flavour and they are so pretty! x

  6. Very impressed that the marshmallows are very nicely shaped.

  7. They certainly look good. Still haven't had a go at normal marshmellows - they are on my hugely growing list!

  8. They look stunning Sarah! the whole photography set up is lovely, i haven't tried marshmallows must try sometime soon :)

  9. I've been wanting to make homemade marshmallows forever and yours are beautiful. The peach and passion fruit flavoring sounds delicious :o)

  10. Ooh these look so much prettier than mine, I wouldn't have thought to do them in shaped moulds and they look lovely! x

  11. I thought yours looked fab - I just wanted to do something unusual !


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