Thursday, 10 March 2011

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

One of the "helpers" at Oliver's nursery asked me to make her a cake for her little girl's birthday. Seemingly, Sally thought I made cakes for a living, when in reality - I've never ever made one for anyone else before !

I agreed to make her a cake for Holly's 2nd birthday as a one off, on the promise that my name does not get passed around for taking cake orders.

Holly (like Oliver) loves Peppa Pig - so we discussed that I could do whatever I liked as long as it was Peppa Pig themed. I've no idea what Sally was expecting - but I so wish I'd seen the look on her face when she opened the box !

I made this using our SAY IT WITH CAKE letter moulds and got it completed at 3.45am last Friday morning. I then got a couple of hours sleep and had to get up at 6.30am to go and catch the plane with Oliver to take a weekend break up in Scotland.

My husband got the job of taking it to work with him so Sally could collect it on the Friday. The cake board shown here is cut from a piece of clear acrylic covered in rolled fondant and was 500mm x 350mm. Cake would serve about 25 > 30 portions by the time it was sliced

Fun to do, but I did stresss out a lot over doing a cake for someone by request. Icing is still a little wet in areas as it WAS 3.45am that morning when I took the photos. I would have liked the text underneath to have been over a bit - but hey - It's not BAD for the first cake I've ever made for someone else...

I belive it went down well .....   :-)

1kg of fondant covered approx 5 letters. Cake was a 6 egg basic sponge mix.

Sarah-Jane Nash, - designer of SAY IT WITH CAKE letter cake pans !


  1. ummm....I think the fact you have it on the interwebz is advertising enough for you!! this cake is GORGEOUS!! you are soo talented. And your blog is a pleasure to read :)

  2. Even though my kids are older, every once in a while we catch Peppa Pig on TV. The show always makes me smile, it is so adorable. Your cake is beautiful and I'm sure it was the hit of the party!


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