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Customer Creations - What YOU Have All been Making !

I've been meaning to do a CUSTOMER CREATIONS blog post for months and simply have not got round to it. Hopefully now I finally have, you will also find inspiration as I have done from many many fantastic bakers and crafters. Whether novice or expert - we love to see your creations !

The photos above and below show Plum Financier created by Zurin from Cherry on a Cake. Zurin used our 12 sponge finger / finacier silicone bakeware mould. and her beautiful photos made Foodbuzz Top 9. We both share a new-found love for both financiers and friands. If you have never tried these, do search this blog or Zurin's for recipes !

 Ananda from A Pinch of Love made some festive spiced rum cakes (below) just before Christmas. These were made in our 8 cell oval friand bakeware mould. Ananda also produces lots of stunning photography - do check out her blog !

This XXXXL giant jumbo cupcake below was made by Sarah Hughes. No joke - these giant cupcakes are colossal. They're much bigger than any you can find elsewhere and require a 10" mix. It looks really pretty ! Well done Sarah :-)

Claire of http://www.creativecakesbyclaire.co.uk/ made a really pretty cake spelling her name with our ALPHABET SET of Say it With Cake Letter silicone bakeware moulds. I love the little daisies and butterflies ! Check Claire out on facebook too - she posts some lovely pictures on there and her sugarcraft work is lovely.

Jackie Cranmer had some other ideas of how to use our Say It with Cake Letter moulds and made this stunning and massive cake below. I'd never have thought of using them to top cakes with more cakes ! This photo was posted to our Facebook page

Lucky Mark had the word cake below made for him by Nadine Smith - along with two little helpers ! These moulds really are easy and kids love to help decorating them.

Chloe Constantine has been getting creative with the letter and number silicone baking moulds too. Cooking up quite a storm these are ! I bet both Daisy and Ryan loved the birthday cakes she made them :-)

Sara Bear made some Christmas cakes and used the cake letters as toppers. Pretty, unusual and very festive !

The large teddy bear silicone cake mould is a favourite for 1st birthdays in particular. Rupal Bratavia made this cake below for her little girl's first birthday. I believe it was the first cake Rupal ever made too. Well done  - nice job .... icing isn't easy !

Judy Jenner did an AMAZING job with her Pudsey Bear cake below and raised £100 in auction selling it for Children in Need.

Another one from Ananda at Pinch of Love - a jumbo cupcake made for a baby shower. This cake didn't exactly go as planned and Ananda had a few disasters along the way with this one..... but sometimes these things happen when we bake. Her finished cake however looks super. I'd never have known if she hadn't told me !

One Off Designs of Hereford used our 6 semi sphere cake mould to make the clouds in this lovey fairytale castle cake. May every little girl's dreams come true...

Umeko Chanteloupe has been making loads of soaps including the cupcake soaps below with our silicone bakeware moulds, silicone soap moulds and melt and pour soap base. More recently, Umeko has been having a play at making cold process soap. Something I really do mean to get round to trying myself one day.

Chef Dennis of More Than a Mount Full is the chef at an all girls school in the USA. He has the most wonderful blog (do go and visit him !) and feeds his girls like queens. How I wish I could be a pupil ! His photographs are fantastic and he dishes out loads of hints and tips for not only cooking, but photography and success in the world of blogging.

Chef Dennis made some awesome looking Cranberry Crown Muffins with big mushroom like tops with our American style crown muffin mould . I bet those tasted good. Been a while since I made muffins, and they freeze so well it's a shame not to ....

Another style of Crown muffin (or cuffin as it's a healthy version) from Zurin at Cherry on a Cake. Zurin's yummy recipe is here for cranberry and banana muffins with barely any oil / added fat content.

Nadine Smith made my Apple Crumble and Custard muffins with brown standard cupcake / muffin papers in a black 12 hole silicone muffin tray. Don't they look yummy ? Thanks for having a go Nadine and sharing your photos !

Edhouard is an astounding and creative chef and has been making some really terrific looking canneles

These are some chocolates from Antoaneta Anastova who has a sweets factory in Bulgaria. These pretty chocolates were made using the animals chocolate set 1 silicone mold

Victoria Caldecott sent us a photo of her fab double stacked lemon drizzle CAKE cake using our silicone word mould which has been really popular worldwide. That's a really big cake by the way when you stack the letters two high ! Same as a 6 egg victoria sponge mix...

Hilary Norman also did a great job with the same CAKE word mould. It looks really cute with the pastel icing. This was a present for her daughter's future mother-in-law. It certainly made me smile.

Hilary has also been busy with the 6 cell HEARTS mould making these lovely teatime treat cakes

Martine Hagger says : I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying using your moulds! Particularly the 12 portion sponge finger one! So much so, I have just had to order another one from your E-bay store so I can keep my family happy. They are the absolute best for making individual flapjacks for lunch boxes. They need no greasing and release perfectly every time. I have attached a couple of pics of them. These particular ones were white chocolate, coconut & cranberry. (shown below)

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for bringing the fun back to my kitchen with your wonderful moulds!

Ken Law made a sunflower cake using this large sunflower mould in pink. Thanks for sending us your photo - your cake shows off the detail beautifully

oooh - last but not least, (sorry - nearly forgot this one !) Astral De La Mare did a really sticky gooey test on our 12 standard muffin / cupcake mould in hot pink with her Chocolate and marshmallow muffin test... Good test Astral. Glad to hear we lived up to it !

 So many super photos and creations. Many many thanks to you all for sharing them !

Sarah-Jane Nash - http://www.siliconemoulds.com/, March 2011

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