Sunday, 15 August 2010

Squash & Goat Cheese Gnocchi with Chilli Butter

I picked the first of my sunshine squash on Friday - in the pouring rain !

It's been sat in my kitchen waiting on me gathering some inspiration on what to do with it.....

I looked through all my latest food magazines - but nothing was jumping out at me....

So, I decided to make it into gnocchi.

First of all, I halved the squash and removed the seeds. Seasoned and drizzled with a little olive oil. I then popped it face down in my halogen oven cooker and cooked it at approx 180deg until soft.

After that, I removed the flesh and left it in the fridge overnight until I was ready to use it today. It's such a bright, glorious colour don't you think ?

Recipe - enough for 4 > 6 good sized portions

500g of roasted and cooled squash. Should be dry - not wet consistency
125g soft goats cheese (type with no rind - almost like cream cheese)
1 large egg
good pinch of nutmeg
150g plain flour (or as much as you require)

I whizzed the squash up in the food processor until smooth and then added in the pack of goats cheese and egg - blitzing again.

After that, I added the flour by hand until a soft dough was formed.

I divided by four and rolled each piece into a big long sausage, chopping sections off approx 1" long.

Keep aside only what you are about to use. Excess can be open frozen on a silicone bakeware tray liner in the freezer. After 15 > 20 mins then put the frozen gnocchi in a bag. They now will not stick together. These should keep for about a month and can be cooked from frozen.

To cook, drop the gnocchi into a pan of boiling water.

When the gnocchi are done, they float to the surface. I gave these about 30 seconds after they all floated to the top before removing.

I had a frying pan ready with some chopped red chilli and some melted salted butter to toss them in. Given locally grown sweetcorn is also starting it's short season, I had boiled and then tossed some kernels stripped from a cob in the butter too.

Dished up (no photos) it wasn't the prettiest. Without the sweetcorn, it would have looked more like I'd expect a bowl of gnocchi to look - but the lure of the new season sweetcorn was just too great. If you try this - the sweetcorn is totally optional. You could also play with some sage or other herbs in butter rather than chilli - but I like the combination of chilli and squash and goats cheese !

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  1. WOW sarah..youre on a roll! LOL I have a pumpkin sitting in my fridge .. i think ill make gnocchi too. i wanted to make a pudding but i think thats out of the question now..too much sweet foods lately . i hope it turns out a beautiful colour as yours ...gorgeous n sunshiny ;)

  2. Don't expect too many posts for a while. I think I crammed all my pojects into one hectic weekend - and a VERY busy week lies ahead.

    MY husband doesn't like gnocchi. However, he has another couple of camping weekends coming up where he won't be here.... and I've got some gnocchi waiting on me in the freezeer :-)

  3. Oh I love gnocchi, but never had this version of it...they sure look so yummie...SO tasty.

  4. Dear me, that sounds so yummy. My tummy is rumbling away :D

    Katie xox

  5. it was nice - I'm looking forward to getting some out of the freezer soon !

    I find gnocchi can be a little bland sometimes. The goats cheese was mild so gave good flavour but didn't overpower


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