Thursday, 26 August 2010

Oliver & Mummy Make Compost Cookies !

Oliver dragged me into the kitchen on Wednesday and opens the cupboard door. "Mixer goes round and round. Oliver Mummy do baking !" he exclaims. "Please Mummy". Unfortunately, yesterday just wasn't suitable - so I put him off and told him "Tommorow - we've got to go out today".

Well, he didn't forget. From the minute he got up this morning I was reminded "Oliver Mummy do baking !"

Oliver DOES like baking - lots.... whether I make bread or cake, he squeals with delight and loves to get his hands in where ever possible.

At the end of the month, Oliver moves up to the next class at nursery. So, from a Dragonfly, he'll become a Ladybird. I decided to let him make some cookies to take to nursery tomorrow.

I've read about compost cookies before. The name sounds truly revolting - but the concept behind them is super. Basically, you add all your favorite sweet / baking stuff and then all your favourite savoury type stuff.

We added..... 
SWEET  : glace cherries, sultanas, m&m's, butterscotch chips, white and milk chocolate chips.
SAVOURY : pretzels, ready salted crisps, flaming cheeseball tortilla chips

You can find the recipe here - Christina Tosi's Compost Cookie Recipe

Oliver watching the mixer combine butter, sugar and eggs until volume doubles.

Sieving in the flour. You've no idea how HARD it is to take a photo whilst holding a sieve in one hand to make sure it doesn't go all over the floor. Saying that - Oliver does really well given he's only 22months !

Licking the beaters ! Isn't that the best bit ?

Here is what the dough looks like ....

We made this early this morning and put it in the fridge until after work / nursery this evening.

That was messy - but fun ! Time for a bath before nursery....there was cookie mix and flour all over Oliver (and the work tops, floor, cupboard door, washing machine, chair.....) lol.

I cooked the cookies tonight. The mix made 12 large ones (6 per tray) and 16 smaller (1/2 sized) ones. The smaller ones were big enough to be honest. I cooked them on the smooth side of silicone baking tray liners / mats. Leave to totally cool and harden before removing from the mats.

Like most of the people who commented on this recipe on the Amateur Gourmet Blog , I found that my cookies came out really flat. I expected them to be puffier and be of lighter colour. Instead, they were crispy, chewy, DELICIOUS and flat and a kind of caramel colour by the time they were cooked. Oh well - no one else will know except you and Oliver .... At least they taste ok !

Sarah-Jane and Oliver Nash, August 2010 - Momofuku's Compost Cookies.


  1. This sounds like a really interesting cookie. Ive never heard of it. Oliver is just soooo adorable! he does like to bake doesnt he :))) never too young to start.

    Ive been so busy lately grandkids are here..they just came down fm the US last nite for a 5 week holiday(with their parents of course). I'll be real busy but I think Im going to get them to do some baking too :))

  2. I really like that chewy type of biscuit that is usually the result of me not mixing sugar and fat together enough! Never heard of compost cookies but they look very interesting. And what a cute helper you had - of course licking the beater is the best bit! :o)

  3. Zurin - Oliver loves baking ... and is really good at making a mess !

    Pam - the butter and the sugar was in the mixer for almost 15mins ! Seems almost everyone has them come out flat.

    Tasted ok though. Interesting concept that you can chuck almost anything you fancy in..

  4. adorable baking session....Loved the pic of Oliver licking...he he yes indeed that's the best part....wish to part of the exciting baking with kiddo...Hugs!

  5. Licking the beater is definately the best bit. Pity so much of it was stuck on his head ! lol.

    Just shows that it's never too early to start cooking with kids :-)

  6. Hi Sarah-Jane, it's so much fun seeing Oliver getting messy in the cookie mix :D He's so adorable.

    These flat cookies look delicious, but the name might keep me away from them. :D


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