Saturday, 10 July 2010

GIANT Cupcake - How Big ????

One of the new silicone bakeware moulds we've just got in is for a GIANT Cupcake. I've seen jumbo / giant cupcakes before such as the Big Top Cupcakes and Wilton's version - but this is even bigger still - by rather a lot !

The Big Top Giant Cupcakes claim to be 25x bigger than a normal cuopcake.

Well...... if a standard muffin mix makes 10 > 12 cupcakes, and it takes 2.1/2 batches of mix to fill one side and 1.1/2 batches to fill the other - thats 5 x 10 > 12 .... So ours is FIFTY to SIXTY times the size of those.


When I made the one photographed, I did not fill the entire base mould. I used two batches of mix for the base and 1.1/2 for the top. The base was definately FAR smaller than it should have been .... which makes my photos of the cupcake a little out of true proportion. Ok - so I'm being seriously critical here.

The photo below shows how much mix I put in the base. I used my gran's adapted banana loaf recipe for the base as it's dense and moist. Refrigerated, it'll keep for days. I knew this was a seriously big cake and was initially worried that the weight of the top half of the cake plus icing would perhaps collapse the base ! Actually - I need not have worried - it stood up pretty well.

With both sides properly filled, this cake would stand 11" / 230mm high UN-ICED. That's a pretty towering big cupcake ! With all the mix in the mould, you need to be really careful when moving as the top part isn't so stable as it has such a small foot to stand on.

I think maybe we've made this just a little big ! The top part of the cupcake could do with a bit more support somehow at the bottom.... but that's me being really critical

For the top half of the cake, I used a vanilla type sponge which rises a lot more.

Here are the base and the top. after they have been trimmed on the underside. The top of the giant cupcake has still to be trimmed.

Here is the base, now with some buttercream icing - ready for the top to go on. The banana cake gave it a nice dark outer.

Sara had come over to play and help me ice this up.

Sarah is applying the first layer of buttercream here. We're not too bothered about the lines on the top part. In our opinion, they're a neccessity to hold on the buttercream and stop it slipping off - since you will need a lot of buttercream !

Here it is - ready for final decoration. I weighed the plate first and then the finished cake on the plate so we could get a weight of the cake only. The final giant cupcake weight was 4.2kg - 9.25lb !

We took it with Oliver to nursery for the children and staff to share since it was Sports Day.

I'll get the photos and more info on the Giant Jumbo XL cupcake mould online on our website tonight.

Have a fun weekend !

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  1. My word! that is huge Sarah! but so cute. Would definitley be great for a party. love the colour of the moulds btw. :) I think the lines on the top are a make it look like a swirl of cream. Im sure Oliver had so muchfun at the nursery with his giant cupcake cake :)

  2. Oh btw Ive made and posted ur financiers!

  3. Hi Zurin

    This really was a monster cake. I had trouble carrying the plate with one hand and leading Oliver with the other into nursery. I thought my wrist was going to snap by the time I got to the door !

    The swirly bit on top was totally covered over and then even more buttercream on top of that. The swirls seen on the buttercream don't actually line up with the swirls that are part of the cake - it's just been spread that way with a knife.

    Just been for my daily look at your blog and left you a comment ! WOW !

  4. Wow! This is massive, I know you are the favorite parent at Oliver's nursery! :D You have such a sharing heart. Love the lines on top of the cake, it's so so pretty.

  5. Wow! It's fantastic! I love cupcakes

  6. Gawd....thats HUGE HUGE obese muffin i shud say, but i lovd it!u have done a good job there....loved ur bloggie, so following....

    Do stop at my space if you find sometime.

    Shabs @

  7. Thank you for following - I'll come on over and have a look at your blog.

    This cake is totally ENORMOUS... but just the ticket for a birthday or party. You certainley wouldn't want to try eating it on your own !

  8. This looks fab so I've just bought one of the moulds from you.. as it's bigger than the other tins out there do you have a list of the quantities for the recipe and cooking time? Would really appreciate it!

  9. Hello, i have also bought one, could you please post recipes and cooking time etc, were just wondering how long it takes to bake one!.


  10. I've made another since and done just that. See this blog post here :

  11. nice step by step procedure for making cupcakes through images...
    very helpful sharing. thanks
    Sweet revenge


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